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  1. @Tori14 thanks for your detailed response. I will definitely put Dr Richardson at top of list. Looking forward to hearing how you go 🙂
  2. @Tori14 thanks 🙂 just wondering what the experience was like with consult? Did it cost money for consult? rough idea of total estimate. Did you see Richardson and Flemming? Then definitely need to hear from you after Dec 14 😄
  3. Thanks @sabP good point regarding level of health and fitness. Definitely might need to get mine back up before hand 😄 @I HaveBoobsHaveBoobs Ouch for the slip worst timing! Also another great point regarding whether you've had bubs and gone through child birth.
  4. Thanks for sharing @Mumma-K and @pink butterfly it's really great to hear everyones stories 🙂
  5. @BAM yes I can see from your topic in September that it can take awhile to recover. Glad to hear your finally starting to feel better 🙂 @Jugs thanks for letting me know of your experience 🌼
  6. Hi everyone, Just wondering how long it took everyone to recover?? Seems to really vary from 2-14 days. Could you please share your experiences? I am considering BA but need to know what to expect 😕 Have seen many comments throughout forum but it would really help to have in one spot. For example, was your BA above/below muscle, dr name, recovery length, level of pain plus your pain threshold, nausea, how long until you could lift your arms and so on. Thanks ❤️
  7. Hi, Just wondering if you have decided yet? I'm also looking into Dr Richardson vs Dr Flemming. Hadn't heard of Dr Sharp until your post. Have you had any consults yet? Cheers, -Jen
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