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    Botox for jaw clenching

    Just wondering how long/how often anyone else gets this done ?? I have been getting 50 units each side for almost 2 years and I find the results only last 3-4 months maximum before my jaw looks harsh and have to get it done again. I was hoping over time the muscle would gradually soften for a long term result but doesn’t seem to be happening for me.
  2. I had my BA with Aus Cosmetic Clinics in Sydney a year ago and the cost was fully inclusive. I had no complications from my surgery at all low pain really easy recovery very little scaring. Cosmetically though I am a cup size smaller than the size I told them I wanted but they do make it clear they can’t 100% guarantee the cup. As well I find it kind of odd they only give a bandage strap type thing to wear on top of the boobs then compression garment given a week post op. The gap between my breasts is a lot larger than I would like and I can’t help but wonder if that is part of the reason why. And overall it very much felt like a production line for a boob factory going step by step quickly as possible. Nurse was bordering on rude the amount of times she kept asking how much longer till I would be picked up they needed the space for others getting out of surgery. But had they not been unorganised enough to move my appointment to 2 hours earlier and only tell me the day before surgery then my housemate would have been able to change shifts and got there as soon as surgery was done.
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