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    BA with a lift
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    Dr Mark Lee
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    165cm 66kg and an empty 12B

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  1. i took mine out for surgery and they closed over an i had mine for nearly 2 years i think if its healed and all ok it won't increase risk of infection. My PS never said anything to me appart from i had to take them out for surgery or get the plastic ones
  2. that is really bad i have had my husband in there with me after i put the bra on i call him and he comes in. An when i when to get crop tops from big w hubby came in the change room there to otherwise i wouldn't have been able to try on as i was only a few days post op they never even questioned it. As for fitting i always try and find the older ladies they would have experience.
  3. oh you will be fine cant wait to see pics and the shortness of breathe i never had they will leave the mask on you for ages need be so don't stress about that
  4. Ladyt i was a deflated 12b and to be honest mark recommended the brazillian for what i wanted to acheive. I couldn't be happier have a lookie at my photos
  5. can't comment on qld surgeons as im in perth but ive had bl and ba. I was worried about scarring because the lift was going to be the lollipop lift but after the implants were put in my ps said i didn't need as big a lift and done it through my nipple. I got 435 hp brazillian implant. send me a fr and you can see my before and afters. As for the scars around my nipples you cant really tell at the moment i am still using the tape for scarring so looking good.
  6. i think it can be the way that they drop and fluff i have seen pics on here where people got smaller implants than i did and they looked really big then others that got bigger like 500 + and they don't look as big. Hope that helps. for myself i went with a bigger implant then worried they were going to be huge but they are perfect im glad i went bigger because the smaller implant would have disappointed
  7. they can give you a premed before you have a needle i hate needles and they said they could do that. However if its the actual needle going in use emla cream and you wont feel it
  8. i found if i had a panadol before bed morning boob didn't happen
  9. is that the "skin"coloured tape because my ps game me a roll
  10. i was given a anti inflamatory to take aswell and some strong ones but i would take them cos when i had one in hossi they made me feel sick. I only had panadol for pain once i left hossi maybe take a nurofen.
  11. i had 2 consults the second was to confirm size etc and get hubbies opinion
  12. Mark told me to get a post op bra they put it on me while i was in surgery but when he came and seen me the next day he wasn't happy with the way it was sitting and ask me to just wear a crop top until swelling goes down a bit. Im still wearing a crop top mark is happy with just the crop top for now
  13. i would just go with the flow and see what happens after i told my parents (they werent happy) next time i seen themi just went with and my mum actually bought it up telling me she didn't like blah blah and she didnt'know i wanted this etc etc. I don't have a close relationship with my mum either. She was going on how she seen this programme etc and that its putting foregin things in your body blah blah blah in the end i just said look i know your not happy but its something i want cant you just support me. sorry for long post just go with the flow lol
  14. hi i had mine done on friday with Mark Lee and i so happy with them they are looking good. Mark is really nice and answers any questions you may have. i just put some post op pic up if you want to fr me you can see
  15. Thank you to everyone. Surgery done, a little sore but not too bad . Will post up pics soon.
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