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  1. Hi! I've started planning my cosmetic journey. I'm just looking for before & after images from lovely ladies who are like me, that I can view to get an idea of how I may look and what size CCs to think about. Early 20's, size 8-10 clothes, small 10A cup, 5'6 tall, 50-55kgs, all lank and no shape ? I'd post a photo along but I seriously have such self esteem issues, none of 10 I was satisfied with, apologies.
  2. I didn't know the transaxillary incision affected implant size and such, defiantly need to do more research! It just seemed like the option that had minimal risks (areola affecting milk ducts) and under boob I wasn't sure due to possible visable scaring if I chose on the smaller scale implant and I'm planning under bust tattoos eventually lol. And was planning year drop shape for more natural look, as I feel like big round ones on my small frame, I'd be looking like I've just shoved balloons up my shirt and rolled with it. Thank you for all the advice!
  3. I have gone through the clinicians tabs and seen few different thread posts of where went, but it's always so hard to narrow down I find, particularly when companies like Cosmeditour and such are involved who have various doctors and locations etc I've done research on and off for past few years regarding type, incision etc - I think I've decided on year drop, under muscle and under arm incision (I've seen areola incision is better in regards to hidden possible scaring but I don't want to possibly risk breast feeding issues in the future personally). I feel like I've looked at every pair of breasts on these before and after sites, and the ones similar to my size always turn out awesome! ? I'd honestly just be happy to be a size to fill a B cup bra, maybe a C if it doesn't look too silly on my small frame haha. Thank you for the reply!
  4. Hi! I'm currently 22 years old and seriously considering BA. I'm a 10/12 A (barely), average size 8-10, so I'm just very small and no shape really. As a result, I face serious self esteem issues about it affecting mental health. What I'm asking, is where in NSW Australia has anyone been and swears by, what are places/companies that provide payment plans without ridiculous interest fees, what about pre or post pregnancies. Also, medical requirements before hand- such as particular weight range/BMI standard to meet, BC pills etc. Any and all information is appreciated!
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