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  1. Thanks for the info on the benelli lift I contacted Dr Phoons office yesterday via email (was unable to make a phone call) and was informed that the hospital fees and anaesthetic fees were increased for my case due to the extra time I would be having in theatre. So I am assuming you are correct about the benelli lift as I was told that I could be in surgery for two or three hours. I also contacted Dr Tavakoli and was told my procedure was estimated at $13,990 and then an additional $3,500 for fat grafting. However, im sure once I go for a consultation that this price could increase. I will try to contact Cosmedi Tour today as well as I am curious about them. If they really use the same clinic that Dr Phoon uses (Park Clinic) then why are their fees quoted as cheaper? Not saying that I will go the CosMedi route but genuinely interested about how their pricing works, lol.
  2. @Moderator ok this is great information, thanks so much! What exactly is a benelli lift? Dr Phoon didn't mention this during our consult and i've never heard of it before
  3. @Moderator wow, that seems like a massive number! Will have to confirm with the clinic tomorrow so I can be 100% clear on what my fee will be. Thanks!
  4. Attached is a screenshot of the quote I was given, I hope it is okay to post this. Again, I am in no way doubting the costs as I fully trust Dr Phoon and his recommendation for giving me the best treatment option available. I will definitely give them a call tomorrow to sort out the quote as it has me so confused! Haha. I have heard that Dr Tavakoli is very good as well, especially with tuberous breast correction. Thank you again for all your help @Frankie* thanks for sharing your experience with CosMedi Tour, ive found it difficult to source recent reviews or experiences about this company so its really helpful
  5. The breakdown of price from Dr Phoon is as follows: Mentor implants - $2000 Assistant surgeon fee - $400 Fat grafting - $2500 Post surgery garment - $50 Tuberous breasts - $12,000 Hospital - $3885 Anesthesist - $1760 I loved my in person consultation with Dr Phoon - he made me feel so comfortable whilst also being very professional and informative. CosMedi Tour do their consultations the day before your surgery date. I was told by someone from CosMedi Tour that they use the same clinic that Dr Phoon works at for their Sydney breast surgeries. So confused about prices now. Especially since with CosMedi Tour I won't be able to meet my surgeon face to face until the day before! The quoted price from CosMedi is good but as other ladies have said, this price can change. I think I will also make enquiries with Dr Tavakoli and Dr Miroshnik, just for peace of mind. Although I really want to go with Dr Phoon.
  6. Just realised I looked at my quote wrong...its $17,000 for the implants, fat grafting and procedure. Then another $6000 ontop for anaesthesis and hospital fees. Total of $23,000. Completely unsure what to do now, is this too much?
  7. Hi @Frankie*, thanks for taking the time to respond I have already contacted CosMedi Tour and told them about my consultation and what the surgeon recommended for me. Currently awaiting response and will call them tomorrow to follow up. To answer your question, the Park Clinic is based in Sydney. Dr Phoon works at Park Clinic clinic with another surgeon named Dr Moradi. CosMedi Tour Australia (Sydney) told me that they use the Park Clinic for their Sydney breast surgeries. I have heard stories about the quote rising in price through CosMedi Tour. I did ask them about this and they said that this 'rarely happens' but i'm not so sure now... Thanks again
  8. Thank you so much for your reply! :) I am certain on going to Dr Phoon and am happy to save the extra money to have him do my surgery - he has experience in tuberous breast correction. CosMedi Tour have assured me that their surgeons have experience in this type of corrective surgery - and I believe that because they use the same clinic that Dr Phoon works at for their Sydney surgeries. I just don't understand why going to the Park Clinic through CosMedi Tour is quoted as $8000 but going directly to the clinic is nearly $17,000. Whatever the reason is I don't feel comfortable with paying less because it is my body and I want everything to be perfect. Thank you again for your insight, greatly appreciated for someone who is new to this forum
  9. Hi everyone, I had a consultation with Dr Phoon (based in Sydney) from the Park Clinic two days ago and have also been in communication with someone from CosMedi Tour Australia. I am really quite confused on what to do next and I am desperately seeking advice. Dr Phoon was incredibly professional and the entire consultation process was flawless. I was very nervous going in as this is the first time I had ever seen anyone about my breasts (aside from my GP). Dr Phoon spent a lot of time explaining things, was kind and did everything he could to make me feel comfortable. After taking a look at my breasts he told me I had the tuberous breast deformity...I can't say that i'm surprised as I always knew my breasts weren't normal but having it confirmed was bitter sweet. Dr Phoon recommended Mentor implants, 330cc, along with fat grafting to round out my shape. My quote just came through and its close to $17,000. I knew it would be pricey but this is more than I can afford now, although - I fully trust Dr Phoon and his team in regards to their pricing and fees. I am certain I want to go through with this, its just a matter of saving the funds. I also sent through my pictures to CosMedi Tour and I received back a quote of around $8000. The quote I received mentioned the following, but no mention of 'tuberous breasts' - "As you have a tight lower pole (distance from your nipple to breast fold) and very wide set breast tissue, the firmer gel Teardrop implant is recommended to push up your natural breast tissue to provide you with more upper pole fullness. This will create a closer cleavage and more ‘side boob’, whilst maintaining upper pole fullness, due to the dimensions of the implant." I have heard that CosMedi Tour (Sydney) use the Dr's from Park Clinic as their surgeons, so this would be Dr Phoon and Dr Moradi (he was my second choice for consultation). I am now thinking it would be worth going through CosMedi Tour Australia (Sydney) to get my procedure done as they will be using the two surgeons I was interested in anyway. But for the price of $8000 I am a little skeptical...does anyone have any experience with CosMedi Tour? I'd love to go direct with Dr Phoon, I am going to start saving more so that I can do this, but just curious on the price difference. Any help would be so greatly appreciated!
  10. Thanks so much everyone! I was feeling so lost at the start of week and now I feel more sure on what to do. I found it really weird when I called Dr Maysons office and they were being so pushy with the polyurethane implants. I had called for general information and within the first 5 minutes they were telling me that polyurethane implants were the only way to go. Maybe I will skip Dr Mayson and go and see Dr Moradi and a few others if I find anyone else I like. Thanks again
  11. I just received an email from Dr Mayson's clinic and it explained what will occur in the 2 hour consult - Our consultation fee is $220 for 2 hours and has two distinct periods: - 1. 45 min DVD explaining all surgical choices (muscular position of implants, incision sites, implant styles, known risks and complications) so that you are well informed before meeting Dr Mayson - 2. 1 hour consultation by Dr Mayson: full medical and breast history taken, discussion on any questions you have, query on what styles of implants and surgery you wish to have, in detail measurements of your body to ensure that implant selections meet your desired look, but are also safe and don’t cause known complications. Trying of implants to gain your feedback. Brief period of time with myself briefly to go over details on how surgeries are scheduled and organised U I will likely go for a consult with Dr Mayson and Dr Moradi. Dr Mayson seems to favour the polyurethane foam covered implants - does anyone know if these are good option? He also offers smooth silicone implants but the nurse I spoke to strongly advised I go for polyurethane implants. So confused! Also good to know about free consults with the nurse, I never knew that this was an option :) I . - -
  12. Thanks so much for your replies, this is such a helpful and friendly forum I'd like to see all 3 but at $300 for each consult I think I can only afford to see 2. I'm leaning towards Dr Hunt and Dr Moradi because they seem extremely friendly from what I have read so far. The 2 hour consult includes a 45 min video of the procedure, as well as meeting with Dr Mayson All consults include a sizing. I'm still in early stages of planning and researching, there's so much information to take in Thanks again!
  13. Hi all, I'm a long time browser of the site and a first-time poster. Ive been interested in augmentation surgery for years now and I finally feel ready to make a move forward in my journey. I've called a few clinics and have found Dr Mayson, Dr Hunt and Dr Moradi to be in my top 3. I haven't booked in a consult with either of these Dr's yet as I am so unsure! Does anyone have experience with these Dr's? I'm leaning towards Dr Moradi because his staff seem so helpful and his work looks amazing but I was a little concerned that his consult time was only 30 mins in length? Dr Mayson's consult was quoted to take 2 hours and 30 mins seems so short in comparison considering this is life changing surgery! Looking for any help possible
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