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    Breast augmentation
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    Dr. Narupon February 16th 2019

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  1. Hey! Thank you! I got 375cc done by Dr Narupon, but honestly they look too small for the size I wanted. Did yours look bigger after they dropped and fluffed?
  2. Hello! I am getting a breast augmentation done by Dr. Narupon in a week, has anyone had BA done by him? I’m not going to PIAC, I am going to Phuket cosmetic surgery and laser. This clinic does not have a website just a Facebook page but with all good reviews but all in thai. But I figured since Dr. Narupon also does surgeries at PIAC, that I should be fine. Since I’m going to a less known clinic to foreigners, was wondering if anyone is going to phuket for BA around Feb 14th, let me know!
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