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  1. Hi everyone, i'm researching having my BA with Dr Tav, and wondering where you all stayed for your surgery visit? I'll be traveling from overseas for it. I'm a Brisbane girl but living in Dubai.
  2. Did you have tips on how to put the little ones in their crib during recovery? I have been wondering about that.
  3. Wow that’s incredible! And how exciting for the whole industry. Thank you very much for your reply. Very good to know. ?
  4. Chickita

    Dr K Tavakoli

    Thank you for posting your review and information on how your BA with Dr T went. I am looking at going with him for a BA, as an overseas patient so all this info is appreciated!
  5. Considering Dr T for a BA at the end of the year (after I stop breastfeeding). I’d be coming from overseas, but I just love his work. Keen to hear from any more recent Dr T girls ? also, how did everyone go with the drains, which I see he uses. I don’t imagine they’re pleasant to have removed.
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