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    Hi, look I'm not qualified to comment on your procedure. However if you do proceed with Cosmeditour and take out a warranty, if you look online you will find that once they have your money, if you do have issues, your 'warranty' will be worthless in the opinion of many. Many surgeons and hospitals in Thailand are excellent, but certainly not all of them, a JCS American accreditation means that there is a tri yearly audit, that's all ! Surgery is a serious matter and not a 'holiday add on' Any complications back home may not be able to be fixed and will be your time your money and your health at stake. Once you are back in Australia, you are basically on your own. From online experiences, cosmeditour aren't helpful at all 'to say the least' and the opinion of many is that their warranty is worthless. I should note that you can have the same surgeons, same hospitals, same everything for far less cost going through other agencies, Thai agencies, directly through the hospitals. I've done both and going direct was a far better experience for me.