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  1. Zoeclare

    BR Perth

    Hi, has anyone gone through Nathan Stewart for a reduction/lift?
  2. Am currently 20 weeks pregs & wondering if anyone had surgery post baby? How long you waited till after breastfeeding etc. Hve been told to wait 6 mnths by 1 surgeon & 8 weeks by another. I'm in Perth & wanting reduction. Prob will want another baby in a few years. Any experiences?
  3. Thanx winter, def let me know how u go
  4. Hi ladies, I'm in Perth & consulting with surgeons at the mo for a reduction. I hve no idea wot to lookfor in a surgeon. Any help?
  5. Thanx so much for ur reply. Reduction. I've already seen him for initial consultation but wasn't sure if I should 'shop around' or wot to look for. He seemed fine but it's so hard to know
  6. Experiences anyone?
  7. Can u let me know how u go with costing etc? I'm also wanting reduction and lift. Wondering if Medicare will cover & I'm also with hbf. How do u prove it's medical & not just cosmetic? Is it up to the surgeons discretion?
  8. Can anyone give me an idea of how much breast reduction surgery is? Does Medicare cover at all?
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