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  1. Hello everyone, So a few years back I had my first rhinoplasty and it didn't turn out at all how I wanted but anyways that was the past and a whole other story! I have recently attended two consults for Dr Nettle and Dr Marcells, I need a doctor who is no stranger to revision rhinoplasty and is confident in performing surgery. Does anyone have any advice or experience they are able to provide me with? I'm pretty set on Dr Nettle as he was very realistic with what he could and couldn't do with my nose and I think he gave me something that really was suited to my face in the photoshopped images he provided me with at the consult. But I'm just a bit nervous going under the knife again as the price of these surgeries are quite expensive I want to feel as though I am making the right choice. If anyone could share their stories and advice please do I would love to know! Thanks
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