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  1. Hi all! Another Adelaide girl! I’m booked in for 31st. Maybe we should get a chat group started?!! Feel free to PM as no idea how to get a group thread going!
  2. That’s great and so reassuring!! Thank you! Now I need to research post op care! 💙
  3. I want the same thing as you! Would love to see your goal pics? My dr also recommended anatomical and overs...I’m nervous!
  4. They look great! I do want natural and have 3.5cm skin fold do told this is sufficient for overs. Worried anatomical will rotate still? And also the feel? Reading rounds are softer?
  5. Have had 2 opinions from surgeons- both recommended overs but one anatomicals and the other rounds! Help! Pros/cons? Any experience personally with pics?!
  6. There are loads of girls on here with that...from my search most seem ok with theirs. I need upper pole so think tear drops won’t give me the look I’m hoping for.
  7. Thanks for replying! Your boobs look great! They look very natural to me 😊 I am active- some running, hiking, occasional light weights- used to do more pump classes but ran out of time. Play netball. I dont want to have to buy to buy specific clothes for boobs. I’m a size 10 but wondering if sagging over the muscle is an issue? Limited google search says no?? Most of the boobs I’ve saved from insta, on reflection do look round with definite definition. I also don’t want to see the see the outline of implant- does it sound unlikely with the implants recommended? Thanks so much for your expertise and sharing your pics! 😊
  8. Hi experts! Im new here- had an initial consult today with Dr Kolias (so nice and thorough!) and he recommended I can have under or over muscles round implants. Have attached the written info for those that have all the knowledge. If it helps, I’m 176cm tall and 63kg Thanks for your input!!
  9. Or alternatively you could just keep it private as it’s your body/your choice. Go with your gut. Staff won’t disclose information to relatives without your consent. Good luck with your decision but even more, wishing you a great recovery 😊
  10. Thanks @cheetah😊 I would love any info you can give about what he chose for you and how much bigger you think u would have liked? So glad to read that 2 years on you’re happy!!
  11. Hi there, just joined as trying to gather info on current recommendations for surgeons in Adelaide. Someone whose great with the post breastfeeding/aging breasts! thanks so much 😊
  12. Hi ladies, just seeing how you went with your appt? Did you go ahead AS1?
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