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  1. How are our post op girls going? @Glissm @simply_me?


    ive still got this funny movement type feeling in my right boob. Going to call for peace of mind tmw. It’s slightly painful but more weird feeling. My left boob feels completely normal. It was a smaller implant so maybe that’s why, plus I’m right hazarded. I think I’m just anxious to be feeling like I haven’t had surgery, when I actually have (!) so need to be patient. Not even 3wpo yet...! I do feel “jiggling” sometimes on my right when I brush my teeeh...paranoid that’s too early!! Gosh I sound psycho! 🤪 

    hope you’re all doing well


  2. Hi @Nic#460cc! I’m happy to share a pic- send me a PM? I was a deflated B- prob an A...think I’m DD at the moment. Was able to take dressings off today and started applying a scar cream PS sent home. Scar is longer than I imagined but tucked right under fold. 


    Im having still wound pain, especially on right side. Was quite intense this am. The morning boob has subsided tho which is good. I’m also experiencing this weird feeling of noticing a bag strap draped over my shoulder and touching my breast- usually, with all the padding, I wouldn’t have felt anything!! I’m also on high beam all the time too- again, usually the padding hides it! 😱🙈


    hope everyone else going well!

  3. Hi @MellieMoo! I didn’t go with Dr Kollias in the end but had a consult where he recommended overs to me too. The surgeon I did go with also recommended overs (just different implant type) but u had read as long as you have greater than 2cm of breast tissue, That’s sufficient to cover them. I had 3.5. Dr K didn’t measure me specifically, just did a pinch test. I’ve got overs - 2wpo and can’t see the outline. I think if u can have them u should, I really wanted to avoid breast animation, plus wanted a smoother recovery. Initially post op it’s not been great but overs will have you returning to your preop lifestyle quicker. 


    If you’re concerned you should get a second opinion. I was booked in with Dr K but cancelled after a second opinion but not due to anything he said or recommended. There are others that have used him on here and love him too and I think you will get great care and great outcome with him as equal to what any other reputable PS. He is also about $2k cheaper than PS I saw (dr cooter). 


    Good luck. Pm me of you have any qns! 😊

  4. @simply_me I read other girls walking after a week so thought I would go for it. Don’t feel like there’s much movement of boobs with the bra, but helps with my mental wellbeing! I can’t really not work, trying to make adaptations which are helping- used my left arm more today do that’s something! How are you feeling today? I binged Working Mums on Netflix- 2 seasons- u might like it if that’s your lifestyle! Definitely relatable!

  5. Hi girls!

    @simply_meI was so sick and had same clammy stuff. I was on antibiotics for 10 days so that wound have impacted it.


    I reckon I’ve put weight on too. My stomach is still so bloated but it is improving. I am only walking 6kn/hr on treadmill so nothing strenuous- weather too rubbish to go outside- so I’m figuring that’s ok. I think my job may be mire physical too as I am noticing pain in right side last 2 days- I’m tight handed so figured that makes sense. And just so washed out! I’m officially 2wpo tmw so feeling better each day. I’m glad I got them done in winter- can recover under layers! 

  6. Thanh’s @Kit! Was bit sore and just tired today. Also feel like there is a small part of my boob that feels weird from the inside. Like a fluttery or pocket kind of feeling. Could be stitches?? Did you get weird sensations? Nothing looks unusual to indirect them so trying not to worry!


    how are our post op girls going today?! 😅🙏🏻

  7. This is interesting! I’m in some American compression bra- says 36d on it- nurse says too that don’t really worry about the size. Mine has 4 rows of hooks to bring in as swelling goes down. If anything I’m hoping mine go a bit smaller! My PS did warn me that it was a fine line between the size I probably wanted and “filling “ the envelope! I didnt want mine over-stuffed 🤣

  8. @Glissmsounds like you are doing so well! I was sick/bloated gross for a full week. I feel good now that I’m back on treadmill walking it off and getting some increased movement each day. First day out today and nooone noticed although I think one guy was looking at them but I could be just paranoid! Supper cold her at the moment so I have heaps of layers on!!


    thanks for letting me know about your sleeping instructions @Kit- will persist on bank but longer. Read forums and lots of different advice. As I’m sub facial I wonder if I need to be more careful until scar tissue forms to hold them in....


    im back to work tmw, first client cancelled so least a slower start! Hopefully I’m not too exhausted or sore by the end of the day!!!


    sleep well! 💤 

  9. @simply_me congrats on your surgery! So glad ur feeling well and happy with the outcome! Initially my whole chest just hurt but last few days my right side is def worse. I put it down to the bigger implant being on that side. PS said that there are 3 layers of stitches and it’s those that I’m feeling. Keep up with regular pain relief! 


    @Glissmthat’s amazing you have been up helping with kids. My PS said no housework for 2 weeks- I lasted a week before I couldn’t bear it any more! Nothing heavy and not doing any lifting (did lift s basket of wet washing tonight without thinking tho and felt no pain). It’s incredible too how PS all have different post op instructions. I could wear a crop top til I got a review/dressings removes 9dpo. No shower! Got fitted for compression bra then. I’ve noticed decrease swelling to my side boob/flank now too as a result which is a relief! I drove for first time today too and that was fine. Noticed bit of twinge in chest turning at times and getting in/out of car but otherwise all good. How long do you wear ur compression bra for??


    i managed to walk on treadmill today for 30 mins  that was fine too   Feels good to be getting back to normal  


    forgot to ask PS how long I have to sleep on my back- @Kitwhat did ur PS say?


    i hope you all have a great nights sleep! Keep the meds next to your bed ahead of morning boob- I am finding it tough going!! Engorgement feeling on steroids!!!!!!

    (  •  )(  •. ) !!!! 🙈



  10. @Glissmthat’s so great you’re feeling well! I was soooo 🤢 ! My Ps says u couldn’t use neurofen which I was desp to use do these great you can as will help with pain/swelling and not make you sick or 💩!


    im glad you’re happy with the size! I had 345cc on one side and 390cc on other yo correct asymmetry- I always seemed to breast feed more on one dude than the other so was good that PS noticed and said he could correct it. I went with anatomicals- but first PS suggested rounds so think I could have gone with either. It’s so confusing but we have them in now and I know they look WAY better than pre-op so not going to obsess over different/perfect options... 🤪😊


    enjoy your time time on the couch! 😃

  11. Hi all!

    @simply_me good luck! How are you feeling??


    @Glissm I was sick the whole time. I hope you feel better soon. I was basically bed-ridden day 1 Po so that’s great you’re up looking in the fridge!! I think you will be fine to return to work. I go back Monday which will be 12dpo. I will have to be strategic about lifting but will be fine. 


    @Kit I’m sorry you’re not happy with the gap- I don’t know much about fat grafting. Will push up bras give u the look you want? Not that that helps without a bra which I totally understand. After 3 kids my look was ALL padded bras and zero shape naked. Did your PS say if they will change after the compression bra wearing period??


    ive just had my compression bra fitted. Have been told to wear it for 3 months. I also found out that PS went “sub facial “ which is overs. I had called surgery 2dpo as I had calve pain and had to get a scan to rule out DVT and they told me PS went under the muscle. When I asked him today he said no...I’m happier knowing this actually as I really didn’t want to have the animation that I’ve read that can happen. But it’s another mind shift as I had told myself unders must have been better in the end to hold them up over time! Anyway it’s done now and the PS has a rep to go for best cosmetic result. I’m anxious for the swelling to go down and feel so much better in the compression bra. Hubby happy with result too. I’m feeling like it just looks like I have a really good bra on- so not obvious in clothes but very obvious without 🤣 


    going home to have first shower in over a week! 😱

  12. Hi @Nic#460cc! I just found this. I’m 7dpo. Where are you at in the journey? I think there are a few others too- might have to find them to tag in... 😄

    Hi @Nic#460cc! I just found this. I’m 7dpo. Where are you at in the journey? I think there are a few others too- might have to find them to tag in... 😄




    Youre both Aug too aren’t you?

    Hi @Nic#460cc! I just found this. I’m 7dpo. Where are you at in the journey? I think there are a few others too- might have to find them to tag in... 😄




    Youre both Aug too aren’t you?


    @Kit do you get into a July group?

  13. Thanks @sabP 🥰 the encouragement definitely helps! I feel bit better today pain rise but my tummy still not great- think antibiotics no doubt not helping, and lack of exercise too ☹️ I have more pain on my side breast/torso now which is not fun and can feel what I hope is sweeping as my body definitely feels/looks square! (Hubby says it’s in my head but it’s so pronounced to me!)

  14. Good luck @Glissm

    My recovery  feels so s l o w 🥴

    My body is struggling with nausea and stiffness. Pain bit better today but have just decided to tolerate the pain as the endone makes me feel 🤢 even when it’s at 2.5mg!


    my post op review is Friday- I’m day 7 Po today. Will see what surgeon says about the compression bra. Honestly don’t want to be wearing it for 3 months 😱 but guess I will if that’s what he says!

  15. @Kit thanks for checking in. I’m day 6 Po and have been tired and painful still too! Turns out dr cooter went under muscle in the end. I also saw dr Kollias. I feel like they are huge 😅 but hubby says you can’t tell in clothes and thinks they look great. They are sore and swollen!! I’m also still sick at times from not eating normally and zero exercise 😭 hoping I feel better soon!

  16. On 5/18/2019 at 12:40 PM, Bubble said:

    Hi ladies, I’m in the same boat. I’ve consulted 2 surgeons in Adelaide and they’re both recommending a lift and BA. But the surgery is so much more expensive and it will leave me with extra visible scaring. Any advice? 

    Ps mum Of 2 with slight nipple drop...

    Just read this. Sorry no advice. If you went with 2 reputable opinions it might be that a lift is what you need? You could try for a 3rd opinion?? Good luck with what you decide x

  17. I had my op yesterday- overs which might be different- but have had full use of arms and wore a jumper post op. Did take in one of Hubbies shirts and warm cardigans just incase tho but didn’t need it. Haven’t been told not to raise arms above head. Think every surgeon is different with post op instructions...

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