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  1. I am getting a BA in a few months and wondering what I should tell my mum. Usually it wouldn't be a problem as I live out of home, however I will be staying with my mum for a few days immediately after the operation and she will be picking me up post-op. The problem is that I have always been so insecure of my breasts that I have stuffed my bra since I was 14 and everyone, my mum included, thinks I already have big boobs as a result. I have never told her anything different, because I have been so embarrassed and uncomfortable about my body and having a ;stuffed' bra is the only thing that evens out my figure. I don't want to tell her now, so I told her I will be getting a lift instead. My implants size will be roughly on par or slightly smaller than I have been padding my bra. My question is, if I don't tell her and she just continues believing I'm getting a lift, is there any way she will find out? For example, do they go through post-implant care with people picking up patients post-op? I know this is really silly and trivial, but I have left it about ten years too late to tell her that my 'boobs' are not mine and I couldn't bring myself to do it now. I also know she would judge me if I came clean about implants, based on reactions to other family members having the same. I am so excited to take this step, but this part is unfortunately taking the shine off it. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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