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  1. My friend had a horrific outcome with rhinoplasty ("nose-job") surgery in Canberra. It is essential that anyone considering this type of surgery consults a facial specialist in Sydney or Melbourne, not someone in Canberra who does all types of surgeries. Rhinoplasty expertise just does not exist in Canberra and the risks are appalling. Having "FRACS" after your name is no guarantee of a great outcome.
  2. Hi there. Definitely go to Sydney or Melbourne for rhinoplasty and consult a facial specialist (not a jack of all trades who does surgery on all parts of the body). You must ensure the surgeon is qualified in facial plastics and ideally an ENT too. The surgeon MUST provide you with computer imaging beforehand to ensure you are in agreement about the desired outcome - any surgeon who doesn't do this should be avoided. People have had horrific outcomes with rhinoplasty in Canberra and ended up having to go interstate to get it fixed - doubling the initial cost (of around 10-14k). This is a massive decision and shouldn't be taken lightly - the best chance of a good outcome is at the first surgery so make sure you pick the right surgeon. And if you are at all unsure about it don't do it. A natural nose (albeit bulbous) is a far better outcome than one that looks botched through surgery.
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