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  1. HI I have just come back from Thailand and had surgery in Bangkok, Thailand. I had a breast lift, implants and tummy tuck with Dr Teerapat Jaiprasat with Medi Makeovers. The experience was fantastic - Dr Teerapat was so lovely and caring and such an amazing surgeon. I am so happy with the results after having 3 children and then some weight loss. Medi Makeovers was great - helped me with all my questions and all was so great and everything so streamlined- they are still in touch now and Dr Teerapat answers any of my questions now. Their hotel is amazing and made my recovery so easy and their nurse Kelly comes to the hotel for all check ups. It was half the price of surgery in Australia and the best thing i have ever done!
  2. I had a mummy makeover - breast lift and 300cc implants with a tummy tuck. After having 3 children - i really needed this!! Medi Makeovers and Dr Teerapat Jaiprasat were amazing! - wow what an amazing surgeon and such a beautiful caring man - he understood everything i wanted and explained what was going to happen and made me feel very comfortable. I stayed 2 weeks in Bangkok and stayed at their amazing hotel - Grande Centre Point Terminal 21 - that was the best hotel - shopping centre attached to the hotel - so easy while I was recovering and so easy to move around. Kelly the nurse, was beautiful - she came to the hotel to check on me as well - so convienient. I know I am still recovering and each day just gets easier. But I am soooo happy with the results now and my experience was so much better than I expected. I have my body back and cant wait to buy new clothes. Everything was fantastic and their process was so smooth and easy and I was so looked after at every stage. Even now, Dani is still in contact with me and Dr Teerapat is so available to answer any questions. So if you had doubts or worries about going overseas, as i did, please dont worry - they will take care of you every step of the way. Best thing I ever did. I am so happy. Janet
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