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  1. My 12 year old over muscle implants 380 cc have to be replaced as one has ruptured:( in pain so time is not on my side to research surgeons. My original surgery was in Uk. Now in pain and need to book a surgery date ASAP. Any experiences with over the muscle implants with either Dilip Gahankari or Dr Layt? I m concerned as heard Dilip rarely wants to do overs? Please please help
  2. Reviews of surgeons on the Gold Coast to replace overs please? In pain one of mine has ruptured. So stressed :(:(
  3. Please help I am petrified!! I had augmentation 11 years ago in the Uk and had the best surgeon and experience. Sadly one has now ruptured and the time has come to replace. I am in pain so time is not on my side and I need to get in as soon as possible. I have 380cc overs round high profile now and I am concerned I will be pushed for unders but I have lots of tissue and I don t see the need for that. I have booked a consult with Dr. Dilip read great reviews but since reading those I heard one bad report and not heard of anyone having overs with him.
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