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  1. @MellieMoo my eldest is 8 and to be honest she hasnt mentioned anything lol so i dont really have advice, when i went to hospital i got her watched so she didnt no where i went and when i didnt come home her dad just told her i was having a break, i dont no if she hasnt noticed or just hasnt felt comfortable asking questions lol.. id say just tell your daughter what ever your comfortable with, if u dont mind her knowing just tell her your getting your boobs fixed haha if u prefer her not to no then u could probably tell her anything and she will believe it, if she says your boobs are bigger ju
  2. @Sandy_ thats awesome your very welcome good luck with it all your in great hands and im sure you will not be disappointed ?
  3. @Sandy_ this isnt really relivent to your question just wondering how your consult went and what you thought of dr kollias?
  4. @Sandy_ haha yeah thats understandable i felt bit nervous only having word of mouth to go by but once i met him i felt so much more at ease and im glad i went with him no regrets at all. This is the number to his office 0882150123
  5. @Sandy_ I dont have any knowledge on Dr Lam but I am in Adelaide myself and recently had my BA done by Dr Kollias, you will not find alot about him online he doesnt promote his work and his main focus is on cancer patients, he gets plenty of business just through word of mouth other people recommending him etc but if you search his name on this forum there are lots of girls who have gone through him and recommend him, which is how i discovered him too. His price is very competitive for a plastic surgeon and his work is truely amazing i couldnt be happier with my results. If you are set on Dr L
  6. @I HaveBoobs i could be completely wrong here but isnt that how capsular contraction is caused when scar tissue is formed in or around the capsule?
  7. @Glissm yeah i could imagine that would be fustrating but i guess on bright side we both still in the very early stages of our journey with so many more changes to come over the months its hard to be patient but as i keep reading its a long process lol, my fingers are crossed for you that your stubborn side doesnt stay that way for too much longer and starts dropping soon.
  8. @Glissm thanks lol yeah ive been reading same things.. mine were quite firmish with slight softness until just recently now got quite soft in what seems like overnight but still got firm look if that makes sense and even tho its softer still got a firm type feel just curious how close to natural feel and look i can expect i no i got to be realistic cause they not real but im hoping its close lol guess time will tell.. Hopefully your other one catches up soon apparently its quite common for them to drop at different rates fortunetly for me so far they seem level but im sure it could change
  9. So im currently 1 month post op, i have mentor cohensive 1 round smooth implants placed in dual plane position ive noticed they seemed to have softened a fair bit in what seems like over night but still not as soft as im hoping for, how soon can i expect them to be at the softest they going to get or would i already be there and how long did it take everyone else to get to their softness. Thanks
  10. @RKN yes I am very happy I didn't expect to like them as much as I do this early as I never liked the look of fresh done BAs, I realised I always liked them after the D&F process but he definetly exceeded my expectations
  11. @RKN i had same placement as Kit but my recovery was alot smoother then hers and no where near as painful as i was anticipating. My right side was basically pain free from moment I woke up and had great movement my left was little more sore and movement on that side more restricted, day two was little more sorer but still not that bad didn't need help doing anything for myself thankfully lol.. laying down and getting up was little challenging for few days but if your proped up enough makes it easier.. I am very happy with my results but still early days so won't know for sure until they drop a
  12. @RKN I had my surgery with Dr kollias almost 3 weeks ago I think his amazing and price very reasonable for a reputable plastic surgeon.. I got smooth round implants placed under muscle and cost me approx 9500 which includes night stay in hospital.. recommend him 100% very respectable surgeon lots of girls on here who have gone with him love their results and never hear anything but great things about him. Good luck with your choices
  13. @Kit oh damn wow that's what I'm worried about.. I am feeling better tho right side still not great but not as bad as it was so hopefully no permanent damage happening... sometimes it feels like something hard is poking out the side of my breast and I actually go to feel if there is anything like implant poking out or something lol but there isn't.. I think my incisions ache too so much different pains going on here to pin point it all lol stressful times ? I have been trying to take it more easy trying to avoid lifting kids as much as possible it's just hard but I guess i knew it was going to
  14. @I HaveBoobs nah not harsh at all lol I know your right thanks for that I will definitely take your advise ?
  15. @I HaveBoobs thanks for that yeah my right side is what bothering me more just doesn't feel right feels like implant gona fall out lol and very strong pulling down pressure type feeling when I move my arm out or lay down and through the day just aches wouldn't be so concerned if pain was like this whole time just concerns me my right side was my better painfree side now it's the worse side lol... I did say I thought it could of been from tightening my surgical bra but then I forgot I actually loosened it during night to see if it helped but when I woke in morning actually felt worse and tighte
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