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  1. I've heard it starts around 6 weeks post op and can take up to 12 months post op for final results to be seen.
  2. @I HaveBoobs thank you feeling more confident now 😊 so all surgeons will put the sutures in?
  3. Anyone no what the chances are of smooth round implants bottoming out when placed in dual plane position
  4. @I HaveBoobs oh that's awesome thanks for that I really liked my surgeons recommendation just wasn't sure on smooth as nice as they are I've heard higher risk of capsular contraction and slipping out of place etc not sure on how likely it is to happen but still had me concerned but then i realise really every implant has it's pros and cons none of them are 100% perfect all have different risks so why stress myself just gotta hope im lucky and I don't run into any of the possible issues lol
  5. Hey I just HAD a consultation and was recommended 450cc under muscle round smooth implants high profile. Anyone got any good or bad experiences with smooth implants?
  6. @I HaveBoobs yeah that's true i think I have already done that to myself lol 😐
  7. @sabP thanks for all the info yeah i think I'll be recommended the same thing when i go for my consult Tuesday cause I too have lack off tissue on top, and a previous consult I had recommended it already with a 315 to 350cc in dual plane position lol how many cc did you go if you don't mind me asking also how long did the pain last and how long did it take before they started to feel more comfortable and natural on your body if that makes sense
  8. I am really struggling with deciding what implant type would be better tear drop or round I always thought id prefer tear drop as I've heard it gives a more natural appearance but I am worried about the risk of rotation and I have now read round can also appear quite natural too. Also as a very deflated small b cup would under the muscle be better then over.. personal experiences would be appreciated thanks
  9. @Baileys I haven't had mine done yet but I've seen lots of girls post op pics from day one and as far as 6 to 9 months on and they change dramatically and do seem to always look significantly bigger when the drop and fluff effect fully takes place which seems to take some time so wouldn't be to concerned yet give it a couple more months see if they get bigger. Search in the forum for "before d&f and after d&f pics" you can see the changes for yourself 😊
  10. @pink butterfly thank you so much yeah I'm more interested in going teardrop as I want the natural look too just worried about rotation not sure if i would be able to go round anyway cause I too don't have much tissue after having 3 children but I'll see what he says lol, pictures are a great idea I got a few of what type of size I'm after fingers crossed he can do it lol
  11. @I HaveBoobs thanks I really appreciate it. I haven't actually had my consultation yet I'm booked for Tuesday but once I've been il definetly let you know 😊
  12. Booked in on Tuesday to see Dr Kollias for BA any advice or tips I need to know b4 I go??
  13. Haha yeah I no what you mean that's the look I'm trying for too lol thanks for that yeah I'm calling tomorrow so I'll ask, little bit pricier then I expected though everyone on here been saying just under 9k Or just over so thought that was for everything no one mentioned an additional 1200 for the anaesthetist fee might be out of my budget ☹ you getting anything extra that added to that price or has his prices just gone up
  14. Hey sorry I don't have AN answer to your question but I see you said you had a consultation with Dr kollias and I am planning to make an appointment to see him too, would just like to know how your consultation so i get a rough idea what to expect for mine and how many cc he offered? Price of the consult and what he quoted you for the procedure if you don't mind me asking..
  15. Oh really i didnt no medicare would rebate you for a BA consultation lol but thats good to no so thank you 😊.. I have read alot of the forums and he does sound promising just keep reading how conservative he is which is great but apparently if u want big u gotta really push for it lol im not good at pushing so i just hope he let's me get a decent size haha right now I'm like a small B and would like to get to a nice natural looking D lol
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