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  1. Hi ladies, i was diagnosed with celiac disease recently and had implants 5 years ago. I don’t believe its related as both my mom and aunt have celiac. I was interested to know how many of you have celiac ? were you diagnosed before or after breast augmentation?
  2. Hi Ladies, I am a 31 year old mother of two from the middle east and got mentor tear drop implants 390cc (textured) 5 years ago. I have not had any problem post surgery and although I am not thrilled with the size, I am quite content. Recently I started reading about ALCL (lymphoma) related to textured implants, and I started freaking out in spite of the fact that the risk is very small. I have reached a point where I am considering exchanging my implants with smooth ones with a complete removal of the capsule (as I read that women who had smooth implants but textured ones before still got ALCL because of the capsule left behind). I may be exaggerating as for my implant type the risk is 1 in 60,600 based on a recent study, but I can't help but worry. However, most of the scary studies seem to be American where textured implants are rarely used and so I don't believe it reflects the real picture, as textured implants are far more common in Europe, and if the majority of women in Europe use textured ones, then the risk is extremely small with the cases they discovered. Here in the middle east, textured Implants are also more commonly used. I am not sure about Australia. I was wondering how many of you ladies have textured implants ? are we a minority ? do you think it is worth an exchange surgery ? I can't seem to discuss this with anyone I know, and I also don't really have the budget at this point but I am very stressed.
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