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  1. Male here. 29 I was playing around with faceapp and it made me look acceptable (I usually hate my face, but I guess the numerous little tweaks the app made like hairline, eyes, eye brows, lips, skin tone etc made it acceptable) However, i've always been self conscious of my nose, and when I posted the pic too a forum I belong too, a few people said I should get a rhino, and now that's kind of all I can think about! Would you say it's mainly the tip/nostrils that need to be fixed? Tell me what you see! Also, i'd be grateful for any recommendation for surgeons in Europe (i'm in the UK but will likely never be able to afford UK prices so other suggestions welcome!!) I've attached the faceapp pic (which although not a true representation of my overall face, my nose has NOT been changed by the app) as I daren't share my untouched face!
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