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  1. Thanks guys, I just hope they balance out! I was wondering at what point do you start to feel concerned about an implant not dropping into place?? Just trying to work from the ground up...hopefully will improve soon.
  2. Just updating on my journey now I have reached 4 wks 4 days post second surgery to remove haematoma on both breasts. My breasts are slowly getting better and healing, I am now nearly 8 weeks post original surgery which has been quite an emotional journey and has taken it's till on me and my family. Anyway, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The left implant needs to drop in place so both breasts are even and hopefully my nipples will eventually be a bit smaller once swelling has gone down. If not I am already mentally prepared for revision surgery to correct the size/shape of my nipples. I have also started wearing a band at the top of my chest during the day to encourage the implant to move down, I am also using siltape at night to aid healing of scars. Another Drs appointment in 1 week to check progress and discuss further....I hope all will be well after the complications I've had. I have attached some recent photos.....
  3. So, thanks girls for your support. I had my surgery on Tuesday night 7.30pm. Dr Marie Rostek was the plastic surgeon who did my surgery as Tim Brown was overseas. I was the last person on surgery list late in the day which bothered me a little (because people are obviously tired etc) but after meeting her I felt like I was the first person she was seeing for the day. All of the support staff & nurses were truly amazing (at Belura Private Mornington) at a time when I was utterly devastated and vulnerable. They really cared. I had both implants removed, my right breast had a 60ml haematoma which had pooled under the nipple and my left breast had 15ml haematoma. Right breast implant was replaced with a fresh implant and my left was removed, cleaned out and replaced. So I'm back to square one with recovery but feel better this time. I was terrified my boobs would look like a dogs breakfast after second round of surgery so soon but this is not the case. They look amazing now and will hopefully continued to so so. This has been a massive setback for myself and especially my family who rely on my. I will be very interested to see how well I recover without complications. The blood clots were the reason I felt no improvement over 3 weeks after the 1st surgery, but it's hard to know what to expect when you're traveling down a new path. I am still in hospital taking IV antibiotics and pain relief and will possibly go home tomorrow or Saturday. I have attached a picture I took yesterday when dressings were removed. I am also wearing stretchy tubing to help keep things firm. This is obviously not what I anticipated (apparently 1 in 20 BA/BL patients experience haematoma) but I am grateful and happy to have been in such wonderful hands to correct the problems. Now I'll get busy (Not busy) healing! Hope you are all well xxx
  4. So I'm back in hospital nearly 3 weeks post surgery and it looks like I have a haematoma in my right breast, oozing blood, swollen, temperature.....waiting to be seen by Tim Brown's fill in surgeon Dr Rostek to have implant removed & replaced breast cleaned!! Not what I Anticipated!! Few tears at the moment...
  5. Thank you for your kind words, perhaps I'm putting too much pressure on myself to feel well....I'm closer to 50 not 20/30/40....I keep forgetting that!! I'll keep working on my patience! ??
  6. Feeling a bit crappy today...2 weeks post op from my breast lift and augmentation and struggling bit with pain. Wondering how long it's going to take to turn the corner? First week seemed easier to handle (lots of pain meds) but this 2nd week has been a struggle...by the end of the day my chest is aching and I need to lay down. I don't think I've been doing too much but I'm not sure. I don't work and my husband is at home with me taking care of kids etc I am just pottering around really. My next check up with Drs is Friday...how much longer till pain starts to subside without pain meds?????
  7. Hey there, my LH side is possibly starting to drop down a little...I'm 11 days post surgery...still so impatient. Taking an Endone once a day...(.towards end of day) to see me through, I feel fantastic then! Hope you are well too???
  8. They look amazing, but I can see what you mean about one sitting higher than the other. How many weeks post surgery are you atm and what size did you choose? Was it 7 or 11 weeks post surgery for you, sorry can't recall...the size looks great.....and no lift for you either, just implant?? I must look like Frankenstein in my photos...haha!! Hey @Kit, no problem with the photos, I completely understand. I'm the polar opposite, nearly everyone who's come to visit me gets a full frontal view of my new boobs (admittedly I have a lot of nurse friends which is very handy ?) but I can certainly appreciate where you're coming from too. Keep on healing well xx
  9. They look amazing, but I can see what you mean about one sitting higher than the other. How many weeks post surgery are you atm and what size did you choose? Was it 7 or 11 weeks post surgery for you, sorry can't recall...the size looks great.....and no lift for you either, just implant?? I must look like Frankenstein in my photos...haha!!
  10. Hey @Kitand @Glissm I am already having the same thoughts so great to read your comments here!! 3 days post op and already wondering if my left side will drop into place like my right side (crazy lady hey) but it is our body and we only want the best outcome right... my PS said up to 3 months?? I would love to see your early photos compared to now where breasts have balanced out if you're happy to share? Take care hope all's well xx
  11. Thank you, yes I'm not totally freaked out at day 2, left is sitting higher, hope it will drop and balance out, early days though! Such a long recovery road....I'm already feeling impatient to get back to my "new" normal ?
  12. Ok....so I'm on the other side!! I fainted before the procedure when they put a fluid drip in as I was so dehydrated, was out of it when my PS marked me up and then felt 100% better after if fluids and panadol before being properly sedated! What a drama queen hey, anyways woke up well not too groggy. Slept on and off throughout yesterday. Was dying to drink but had to wait a further 6 hours after procedure to have fluids, nurses gave me ice cubes to suck thank goodness. Sore and swollen as to be expected, felt better after iv removed this morning and I'm now at home resting in bed with my mountain of pillows behind me. My bruising is quite bad as I needed to have clexane (anti clotting med) during and after procedure as I have factor V maiden (clot easier than others)..I'm not shocked at the result, feel quite pleased so far (I think looking at lots of before and after on forum has prepared me for worst) My left breast is sitting higher than the other but I'm well aware patience is required before seeing finished result. Have attached some pictures, thanks for your kind words and support!???
  13. The day has finally arrived, I'm admitted & waiting to go for surgery. Trying hard to relax before going in.....want to be on the other side of procedure and recovering....wish me luck!!
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