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  1. I went with Connell! 1 week post op.. Very happy with everything so far and the recovery has been so much easier than I was expecting!
  2. Thanks @sabP, I will look into your doc. So good you are thrilled with them! How did you both go post surgery with exercise? How long until you were in the full swing of normal life/training?
  3. Hello ladies, I'm at the very beginning of my BA journey, and looking for the very best (as everyone does!) in Perth. Tony Connell keeps popping up, Sam Cunneen and Guy Watts. Has anyone got good/bad reviews with any of these docs? Or any other to consider? Dr Kav in Syd is my ultimate but logistics..Perth is so much easier. I'm 165cm, size 8 60kg. Currently a small B cup, wanting more of a C-D (Pia Muehlenbeck style). Boobs ruined from BF 2 kidos, and feel like a boy as I'm quite athletic! Any recommendations, before/after pics would be much appreciated! Thanks, Bec
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