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  1. Thanks for the info. Im having high profile smooth round ?
  2. Only 3 more days until my surgery with Dr Kollias. Super excited! When does the drop and fluff take effect?
  3. I wish you all the best for tomorrow! I was thinking about going 500 cc as I dont have much breast tissue at all but Dr Kollias has advised this is not an option. I guess he knows best ? I think we're in good hands
  4. Your boobs look amazing very natural looking. Did you go over or under the muscle?
  5. Hi @MellieMoo How did everything go with your surgery with Dr Kollias ? I have my surgery booked for 14th Dec. Looking at having 450 cc round smooth high profile dual plane
  6. Hi ladies. I am based in Adelaide and have my first consultation booked with Dr Kollias on 31st July. Has anyone had their implants done by him? Are you happy with the outcome?
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