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  1. Hi, I had a breast lift recently done and came out amazing even tho my breast is little bit smaller than before (less to carry so not complaining ). One thing I have found during my pre-op researches and watching million of videos was Implant illness. Some women do have symptoms either mental or physical health problems and it's quite a thing they talk about these days. Has anyone ever noticed a difference in health or moods after Augmentation?
  2. Hi all, I have my Siltape on 5th day and it's still stick as new. I don't take it off for showering. My doctor told me it would peel off after couple of days or so, but I guess every skin is different. And also that massages and Bio Oil is not necessary if silicone tapes are used - they constantly moisture the scar so don't need to be oiled. I will probably use bio oil when scars are healed a bit more and siltapes are not required anymore (1 months after surgery).
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