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  1. Hi girlies!!!!!!!! So it's been approx 5 and a half months since my surgery and they and just as amazing as ever! I haven't been on here much because I really don't like the new layout But I am still checking about once a month for new private msgs I'm so glad I have helped so many of you and I hope that you all go over more prepared than I was, I still had fun nonetheless! The one thing I want to stress to people is, that when you're writing the cc amount on that sheet of paper the nurses give you.. what ever you have decided on, please add 50cc! And if you've got balls, add 100cc! One thing that I wish I had changed. I do plan on going back to Dr Poomee to get them done again. If you're already aware of my stats, I wish to jump from; low profile, 325cc... natural position, to medium profile, 400-450cc... "that tiny but more centred to get a tiny bit more cleavage" position LOL I'm not sure if that positioning part makes sense. It will to others that have had a boob job or to surgeons. God I hope everyone is doing well! I tell you what, my birthday was just the other day and my housemate got me a BrasNThings voucher... Something you just don't appreciate when you're flat chested or lacking 'plumpness'/confidence. I had a giggle to myself coz no one would ever get me a gift like that prior to my surgery. It's the little things ya know Good luck girls!! x
  2. I stayed at TENFACE Bangkok. Bit more expensive but jeez it's a nice place. About $100 Aus a night. Standard price here, but expensive for over there... Just type it into google
  3. YAY! Another Poomee girl It is such a good hospital ay. I didn't want to leave! The strap is the wooorst haha and that tight crop top he puts you in for like 4 days! Then you get a normal everyday crop top, but that stupid strap still has to be worn. I found that the most annoying thing coz I needed to cover it for work... I work in a fricken bar! I went back and got more painkillers when I went for my check up. Hope it all goes well from here on in my friend! Good Luck!
  4. liveyging

    Dr Poomee

    No I'm happy to answer any questions!! I would have loved to have someone to talk to about Dr Poomee before I went over, I just went off old posts from others and a view amazing reviews, and also his credentials that are shown on the Bumrungrad Hospital website. http://www.plasticsurgeryforum.com.au/forums/showthread.php?1025-Had-my-surgery-and-I-m-feeling-great%21 This is my thread that I posted in the moment after I had my surgery, I states what happened, the good, the bad and the weird haha. All over, after nearly 3 months I can barely remember the experience coz it's just feels like another memory If that makes sense, as in it isn't stuck in my mind every day, I've had the surgery and continued happily with my life! I found him great through emails, you're right. he is quick and kind of blunt in emails, sort of like, 'yeah of course it hurts, you just had surgery!' haha He obviously never said that but I feel like that's what he is thinking when he writes emails haha poor guy. The whole thing was great, the trip over, the hotel I was staying in, the hospital was fucking amazing, nurses and other people were 110%, Dr Poomee was calm and collected, wanting to get down to business and explains everything to you, even goes over all the bad things that can happen and points out that they can ACTUALLY happen. He wont sugar coat anything. His wife is a pisser, hahaha, quite a character. A tad wired at times but she still makes it a less daunting experience. Look it's not all roses and ponies, it's uncomfortable, frustrating and the operating theatre doesn't have purple walls and a fire place, it is a theatre and is a tad scary but when I mentioned my feet were cold just moments before I went under for surgery, the nurses ran and got me a heater and put it at my feet, bless their cotton socks! haha I've had no check ups in Aus, see no point since they're sitting fine and I feel fine. I feel like I need to start strengthening my upper part of my body because I have just stopped all strenuous activities when involving my arms, even restricting things like how many shopping bags full I can carry... still to this day! And it can't be good, I need to improve the strength and circulation of blood etc around my chest area simply for my implants. Look Dr Poomee is awesome for anyone thinking of going to see him. Just a gem, and some have mentiond he is a tad more expensive, pfft $4,200 sounds like a sneeze compared to the $13,000 you'd be quoted here for a similar surgeon. GO FOR IT, TIITS FOR THE WIN!
  5. liveyging

    Dr Poomee

    Poomee! Poomee! Poomee! hahahahha. Nah do it really, he is great. So funny and nice. His wife is a pisser and he makes the whole thing less daunting. He is worth the couple more hundred, trust me. And have a think about booking flights, accom and the surgery on your own. You still have aftercare coz you have to go back for a check up and Dr Poomee is an email away, even after a few weeks when I was back in Oz I emailed him and he replied DOOO ITTTT!
  6. I had weird aching and shooting sharp pains in weird places Every now and then after 6 weeks, I still will move in a funny way and BAM I'll have some pain in my chest or down my sides for a couple days. I had a particular pain just off to the left of the center of my chest, like.. where my heart is! It was like a burning sensation, I emailed my surgeon and he said it was normal Just think of alll the skin and muscle they cut through, all the nerves they sever. So much healing to do, especially so close to our lungs and heart! If it gets uncomfortable to the point of tears or there's just something in your heart saying 'DANGER' then go straight to the hospital. But I can assure you, you will have many weird painful areas for several weeks up to a couple months. x GOOD LUCK x
  7. Hey I I documented every detail of my recovery on here.. http://plasticsurgeryforum.com.au/forums/showthread.php?1025-Had-my-surgery-and-I-m-feeling-great%21 Everyone is different. it's been 5 weeks for me and I probably would still take it easy lifting something heavy, like a slab of beer or something. I could lift it but I wouldn't carry it for long. And you can't or shouldn't really swim until the wounds heal, so over 7 days, but you wont be able to swim for a few weeks coz you mainly use your arms to float in water lol I can wear a bra with a wire if I want but don't see the point haha.
  8. OMG that weird squelchy feeling in them! I hated that haha, like liquid or bubbles was running around your boobs, so gross. I'm impressed by the size you went good work! I hope everything continues to go well!
  9. Well I flew over to Thailand, I had better treatment then if I was in Oz, it was cheaper, and I got to go overseas! Wooo! I love my boobs, I researched it enough to know what was right and wrong, if you're silly enough not to do your research then that's unfortunate. I feel that going through a company would be risky, BUT I could be wrong. A Current Affair also had Bunrungrad Hospital on a few years ago stating how amazing it was and that people all over the world were going there for major heart surgery coz their country either couldn't do it or cost wayyy to much. So make up your mind ACA. Wherever you go, England, LA, Thailand, Oz, there's always going to be risks involved. I have seen AWFUL work done by Australian surgeons too coz they just don't get the experience. Loof after yourself, find out every single detail about your surgeon, down to his pet goldfish's name! And know what you want in you, round? Smooth? Mod plus? Don't go over blind and expecting the surgeon to tell you everything, he'll happily put anything in you. And I totally agree with I think it was A to D who said something about the model just wanting media... BINGO. I've worked with too many types of these people, media coverage?? Yes please!! Any publicity is good publicity. Just keep calm ladies and take it easy. Prepare for surgery and yeah, you don't get looked after when stuff goes wrong afterwards so make sure you're keeping track of your healing and go straight to a hospital if something is wrong. You're paying a 3rd of what it would cost here, you have to give up something. Ps, my titts are awesome
  10. I was talking to a girl at work today about how I was coming along as she had, had her boobs done about 4 months ago, and her friend was asking how it was and if it was scary but all I could say was that is was frustrating and uncomfortable. The feeling of the movement and stretching, pressure and numbness, it's all uncomfortable. Then not being able to do every day normal fucking things ahhh! haha, it can get really frustrating and you can get angry at yourself and a bit fed up of not being to wash your hair, put out washing, going out with friends etc. You get tired easy and yeah it hurts when you lift something too heavy or move too quickly. You're definitely not lying there all day and night in agony though that's for sure. It's just dull aches and sharp pains every now and then. I wasn't really scared, just anxious and nervous, which is good and normal, helps your body to prepare for something. It will be prepping for change knowing something is going to happen, hence why you can't sleep the night before and maybe wont feel like eating. 100% normal. Honestly I was soo over waiting, I'd been waiting for years and years and just wanted to go there, get boobs and come back home. Make sure you have a good cry or chat to someone and express just how emotionally crazy you feel, it will help your body accept change
  11. HAHA soo many people at work have said that to me, coz I had a count down thing on my phone, the girls remember when it was months to go and I was getting excited! hahaha! Oh shonnn you're them same size as me body wise, I wish I went bigger now. All well, something to save for in the future lol. I'd definitely llok at 350cc and mod plus profile next time around.
  12. Oh no PrincessJasmine! Are you coughing up phlegm? (as in flem.. mucus in your throat) and what colour is it? I always cough up crap in the shower, always white though. If it's yellow you're sick but can have surgery but green means an infection BUT luckily, the antibiotics will clear that up haha. I was sick when I went over, I was awake for two days straight and had no sleep on the plane, and had a croaky voice. Also I ripped my lip ring when I was on the plane! Well, it allll healed within 48 hours from taking antibiotics haha. Just pump through the water and eat your greens And try and get decent nights of sleep the next few nights. Take your asthma medication with you and you will be fine. They will monitor you and your breathing really closely. YOU WILL BE FINE! So happy for you it's come around quickly! Enjoy these last few days in bed and laying on your stomach hahha!
  13. HAHAH Doe you are hilarious!! So glad you have healed sooo quick! Awesome! I almost did that in a store back here in Oz a few days after I got back. It was late night shopping and the store was getting ready to shut, I was pretty excited to try on a bikini for the first time so I SLOWLY removed my top and jumper, which alone takes time, but then the store ladies were saying 'alright guys out of the change room, we're shutting, make your way out NOW' Well I had to get the bikini off, then put my strap, top and jumper on.. After rushing like a cripple, I walked out holding my jumper. They were probably going to kill me haha. It gets better and you learn new moves to get your arms through the holes and pulling tops and whatnot down over your boobs. Looking forward to hearing you've landed safely back home!
  14. I definitely love my boobs, when I was uploading a couple new photos last night I looked at the one before hand and was like, 'PFFFT what was I thinking! How did I get through 21 years of my life like that' haha So they are so much better and look great. But deep down, I do want them bigger. I'll wait a couple years And the sizer's are deceiving, I was going between 300cc and 325cc and the 325cc looked big, coz it was in a bra and over my boob, and finally it was mum that was like, 'look kid you don't fly over the other side of the world to go 300cc' LOL So I'm lucky she said to go 325cc. So what ever you choose, when you go to write the amounts on the forms you have to fill out add 25cc to it. By going under the muscle you lose some of the projection and at first your muscle is gripping onto that implant like a kid with a chuppa-chup, so they look small, this is the 'drop and fluff' technique that isn't proven,/doesn't always happen. After several weeks your muscles relax and the implants fall, combined with the strap pushing them down to fatten out the bottom, they appear to look bigger, you can see from my photos. I don't think they get bigger, it's just the way they sit and where the implant and tissue moves over the weeks. But it sure as hell looks better! Make sure you're chugging down the water girls and eating lots of fruit and veg. I know I didn't hahahaha. I think this might be the reason I'm a tad sore on the sides STILL after nearly 4 weeks. I mean I'm driving and lifting things, sweeping and stuff. I can run a little and whatnot so there's nothing wrong, I think it's just taking me a little longer to shake the last of the healing coz I eat sugar and salt, and do no exercise LOL. So do look after yourselves, go to Safeway, lash out, get some bananas and raspberries. Fish is full of omega acids and protein, used in the body to build and repair. Red meat too. Lots of green *****, which I loath and do a bit of a on-the-spot jog for 20 mins every night before you hop into bed, that's 5 of your favourite songs... easy. Gets your heart going and blood pumping, good to promote healing
  15. Juuust put some recent photos up too. Probably the last photos I'll upload. I should do one in clothes so you can see what they look like... I'll get around to it haha.
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