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    It's been so nice in Melb! I slept all day though, working nights and all I got the afternoon sun luckily.

    21 days to go! I don't even know what to do at this time in the countdown.. I mean everything's ready *hmmph* All I need to do is pack... the two hours I have between finishing work and leaving for the airport haha. I hate being organised, coz then you're left sitting and waiting with that awful anxious feeling, so when I get home at like 6am Sunday I'm gunna spend an hour and half on packing, I'll have a list;

    button up shirts/singlets - very important,
    all chargers!;
    power plug for Aus to Thai;

    and I'm just going to buy everything else over there. haha.
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    it's been pretty chilly in Melbourne - had some sun today though

    CAN NOT wait till summer hits and I can get the babies out. I can see it now, I'm going to be one of 'those' people that get their boobs done, cans always out, no stopping me hhahahah.

    Does anyone else feel like they have lived their whole life in the wrong body, and getting your boobs done isn't going to change you but it's going to make the real you come out? I can tell that I'm going to be a different, more confident person, but I think that's the real me, and at the moment I'm just not being me.

    .....I Never said I wasn't crazy haha
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    liveyging got a reaction from Tamika2230 in Helpful Information for anyone having breast surgery   
    Oh I hope I was one of those lovely ladies to help LondonGirl hahaha

    I never contacted any of the companies, I had a look at what they did and being the absolute control freak I am, felt that I could do it myself I have NOT had a bad or good encounter with them, and hey if they rock your socks go for it! If not, then don't stress

    I would like to say though, like I have told LondonGirl, who I am very proud of for doing the mass amount of research that she has , DO YOUR GOD DAMN RESEARCH.

    You ARE going overseas for surgery, and you ARE doing to all yourself, so do as many emails to the, hospital/surgeon/hotel etc, till you feel you could almost do the surgery yourself. I booked my flights and surgery etc in FEB this year, and my surgery is next month. I recon if I did that little bit more research I would even know where my surgeon lived hahahahaha!

    So please ladies, take your time, listen to others and read, read, read! I think I have nearly pissed everyone off here from asking so many questions hahahah. I luv u all though.

    I will be leaving in TWENTY FIVE days hehehe, for surgery, and will be back in Aus on the 23rd of Sep. During that time I will be telling you ALLLL about what happens, so for those of you that wish to book it alone but feel hazy, please wait till I'm over there. I would hate it if you booked it all and then found it was 10 times more stressful or something stupid haha.

    I have sent a few girls many of emails about how I went about booking it alone, (but I am going with mummy dearest - as my 'slave' mwhahaha and my sister and her partner so I have full support) I think I might go over the emails, coz be damned if I can remember all the stuff I wrote, and make a generic email to send to anyone that wants info.

    Regardless girls, take it easy, this is a place of luv and care and support.
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