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  1. Great! argh I am tossing btw Connell & Williams.. hmmm
  2. Hi Bec, Have you decided who to go with? I cant decide too Chris
  3. Thinking of you. Hope all went well. x
  4. Thank you so much for your reply. I can now totally rule FT out. x
  5. Hi hi so happy for you! Thanks for sharing! Did you have it under or over or dual plane? Also do you mind sharing the total cost?
  6. Thank you! I am a 8AA and after breastfed 3 kids in 5 years I have absolutely nothing left. I am after a natural looking breast - 8C Motiva round over? Would that work? Also would you recommend Dr Anthony Williams or Dr Guy Watts or someone else? TIA!
  7. Thank you! Let me know how you go with your next appointment.
  8. Does any know if there is any surgeon do it ( Fat transfer) in Perth?
  9. I am needing help. I am a newbie and tossing between Dr Vijith Vijayasekaran, Dr Tony Connell & Dr Glenn Murray for BA. Can someone shed some light.
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