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    Getting implants soon need help
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    Looking at Polyutherthane (Furries) German Subline 12.8cm width 10.8cm height, either HP 335cc or EHP 400c

    Would love pics to help decide
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    Dr George Mayson
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    Massage therapist

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  1. Thanks you so much for both your replies. Will certainly look into it. Arahia: would I be able to look at your picture gallery?
  2. Hi All, I am planning on getting Brazilian furries with Dr George Mayson in Melbourne. i noticed many of the posts regarding PU implants are from 4-6 years ago. i would be most grateful if I could hear how these implants are going for you now. Also whether heavy lifting chest exercise has been an issue or change to shape of implant. Really would love to see b&a pics, especially with you height and weight and also the base dimension of your implant and the cc. but all reviews on the subject are most welcome. I still have not decided on size yet. thank you so much
  3. Hi All, 

    It has been great hearing all the stories and really appreciative of this forum.

    i am planning on surgery for 5-Dec-2019. Measured in at 10.8W x 12.8L by Dr George Mayson at BreastExcellence, Melbourne

    After reading everything I still feel fairly confident with PU implants. But absolutely interested in reading more experiences with them.

    My implants will be Under/possibly Dual and I’m looking at either HP 335cc or EHP 400cc, teardrop (opticon) shape.

    Be good to see what these will look like as trying on implants under of crop that aren’t my exact implant isn’t doing much for me. 

    Also interested in hearing about whether anyone is doing heavy lifting with these implants and if it’s had any effect on them over 1-10 years.

    kind regards and much love

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