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  1. CJ-

    Surgery booked!

    That’s a really good idea! Thank you. I’ll see if I can get another ps to have a look. Can I ask- are your incision scars rock hard? I’ve only truly felt them the last few days I’ve started with some scar cream. I’ve been so gentle with them and never realised they feel like new bones under my breasts.
  2. CJ-

    Surgery booked!

    Hey @MellieMoo that sounds like you’re doing pretty well! I did send a few pics and asked my PS if there was anything I should be worried about but they just replied everyone heals differently. I didn’t realise at 5 weeks I’d still be feeling awful/ not like the look. I paid a lot of money thinking I was investing in my happiness but I really don’t feel comfortable with them looking so square and with sharp edges. They were round the first few weeks but they’ve been getting more square each day. And my scars are healing black and thick. I’m part Asian so I knew that the colour was a risk but to see it happen is still a shock. I didn’t expect perfection but I thought they’d be round at least... at the consult he asked what my goal was, I said as long as they don’t look obvious that I had the surgery then I’d be happy. I’m a very shy person who doesn’t like attention. I worry I’m going to have to be covered up forever like I was before the surgery. I don’t want anyone to see me looking like this. And I don’t want to go back to that ps for a fix up because I don’t trust him now if this is the outcome of the work. Since the surgery I’ve seen more photos of his work and all those girls have angular breasts at their final check in photo as well. I still have to hold on to hope they’ll magically go round. ?
  3. CJ-

    Surgery booked!

    Hey @DDaa and @MellieMoo October buddies ☺️ How is everyone feeling/ recovering? Today is my one month anniversary and I still don’t know if I’m happy. They look so weird to me and the swelling in the cleavage hasn’t gone down or stopped hurting but my PS says I’m healing on track.
  4. @I HaveBoobs yes it was more upper back pain. I’ve never had a pinched nerve so maybe that was it. I’ve never really been hurt before in terms of broken bone or sprained ankles so I didn’t realise my pain threshold was so low. I told my sister who has kids that I was never giving birth even though I love kids but once the pain subsided I was like hmm maybe I could handle it... ? the memories of the pain fades when there’s something to enjoy after. I’m loving my new boobies ?
  5. Hey @I HaveBoobs thank you for sharing. I should have scheduled 3 weeks off. Had my first shift back today. Was only a half day but I wish I had stayed home :( had to run for the train, work was really busy and I was on my feet all day. The trolleys weren’t as heavy as I’ve had in the past but I’m definitely not anywhere near ready for the work I’m supposed to do. I took half a muscle relaxer tablet before I left home for work and spent the whole day so groggy and yawning. I can’t believe how even just half the small tablet made me so tired. I’m going to a gp tomorrow and going to see if I can get a note for more time off.
  6. Yeah @sabP that’s a great idea. I definitely feel more comfortable taking more time off to be on the safe side. Always better to be safe than sorry.
  7. Hey @sabP he actually said I could sleep any way I felt comfortable (including side and on tummy). I have been mostly on my back though because I’ve found it easier to get up in the morning. I had no pain killers left. Went to my local gp today and he was just awful. Didn’t even look at my incision sites and was obviously furious that I asked for endone at the request of my nurse.
  8. Is it normal to have extreme back pain 11 days post op? It feels like someone is stabbing me through my back to my heart. I haven’t slept for longer than an hour and a half since surgery. It’s really affecting my mood. I can’t stop crying and I’m angry at everyone. My PS is at a conference so I don’t know when I’ll be able to visit him for a checkup.
  9. Hi all, Can you please share your experience with how soon you were able to get back to work and what type of work you do? I’ve taken 2 weeks off but my job is occasionally physical. I work in a library so I sometimes have to push heavy trolleys and some of those cook books are ridiculously heavy haha! I’ve paid a lot of money and I don’t want to take any risks plus I obviously don’t want to be in any more pain.
  10. CJ-

    Surgery booked!

    Thanks for the support @DDaa :)
  11. CJ-

    Surgery booked!

    Had my first post op meeting with my ps yesterday. He said everything is looking on track. I really regret not begging him for painkillers. Panadol is doing nothing. I’m in so much constant pain under one boob at the incision site. He pulled that area down to try and even everything out. Beauty is pain and I know it will all be worth it. But right now I just keep crying from the pain.
  12. CJ-

    Surgery booked!

    @MellieMoo so happy for you! Yes, I agree can’t wait for shopping! I’ve started taking less of the strong pain killers but really struggling to sleep sitting up. I can’t wait to hear everyone’s progress as I don’t know anyone personally who has done this.
  13. CJ-

    Surgery booked!

    @DDaa thank you! I’m all done. Was feeling so great but since I’ve gotten home I’ve been in so much pain. Can only take short breaths and every few minutes my body seems to panic and attempts a deep breath. Did you find it hard to walk around? Really hoping this passes soon. @MellieMoo aww happy birthday for yesterday and all the best for today! What a wonderful gift you are giving yourself! I’m in Sydney.
  14. CJ-

    Surgery booked!

    Good luck fellow October buddies!! I’m booked for Friday 25th October 2019. So excited!
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