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  1. What Perth ladies have been through Assure cosmetics? Experience? Surgeon? I'm leaning towards them as my Perth option but there's a handful of surgeons listed on their website and I'm trying to narrow it down. I haven't seen much about Dr Rohan Page listed in these forums. Anyone used him?
  2. Who did you go through? I'm also from Perth. And like you, I worry about going out of state.
  3. Have you looked into Medipay? I'm hoping to go through them but not sure on their approval rates etc..
  4. Hi all, I was just wanting to get everyone's opinions on Dr Tavakoli for breast augmentation. Those of you who have opted to use him as your surgeon. I've come across mixed reviews so far. Stating he's arrogant, media hungry & I've even read posts about him opting to choose bigger implant sizes without your approval during surgery. I'm leaning towards him because of his fast recovery times, dual pocket technique and I simply like the natural look of his work compared to some. He's very quiet about his pricing online as well so if anyone is willing to share how much theirs cost through him to give me a general idea? Thanks, Dani
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