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  1. Hey @Laurenolivia how did you go with your research? I am in the process of booking my BA with Cosmeditour QLD now for 7th Feb. I had done a lot of research on them and feel comfortable the surgeons operating are all qualified plastic (not cosmetic) surgeons who all have years of plastic and reconstructive surgery experience. I am from Adelaide and will be traveling to Goald Coast for this and it turns out to still be more affordable with flights than having this done in my city. I am tall but small frame and fit / athletic build wanting a natural look. I’m going for a 290cc to 305cc teardrop and am really excited but also very nervous being my first hospital/surgical experience. Hope you have/had a great experience on your journey? Have you made any decisions yet?
  2. Hi @MellieMoo & @BethM your experience has given me more confidence in my BA surgery search for a PS. I am considering Dr Kollias as well, did you both have a standard BA (e.g not lift, extras) could you tell what your final total cost came to? I have read some reviews he is around the $10,000 mark but I am sure I would need teardrop implants (from personal preference and previous consultation with another dr out of price range). Even though I hat to say it, cost will be a factor for me, so any insight would be so appreciated. Thanks ladies!
  3. Hey @MellieMoo your BA is around the corner now! That must be an exciting feeling! I hope it all goes well! it sounds like you’ve had a great experience with Dr Kollias, i would definitely want my PS to be responsive and helpful, I have never had any kind of surgery before so that would make a difference to me. He does sounds great! Your choices for your Ba sounds good too, what cup size are you trying to achieve? I definitely want a natural shape and to be proportionate to my body/frame. I have an slim athletic build and am hoping to achieve a larger C cup, possible a small d cup I’m still not sure. I am an A cup currently and the thought of a D cup sounds crazy to me but I have been looking at a lot of pre&post BA photos and the girls with similar build to me actually look very well proportioned as a post op D cup. Thank you for sharing your pricing, that’s a big help for me! I have my first consultation booked with Dr Lam - at Cranford House, have you heard any feed back from his work? If I don’t feel comfortable with him Dr Kollias is my next appointment. Im thinking of having surgery before the end of the year November / December. I would have liked to book in for early October as I already have leave at the end of the month going to Bali but I’m also not keen on flying post op and showering in unclean water, so I think once I’m back from that trip will be best. Thanks for getting in touch and sharing your experience so far, good luck! I’d love to know how your recovery goes! Xx
  4. @Kit I’m sorry your recovery was a difficult one, that’s interesting you say your cleavage is further than you anticipated, hopefully with D&F they will sit closer together. Glad to hear your doing much better, have you asked Dr Kollias about the twinge sensation? Is that normal? I’d love to know how you feel and the changes you have over the next weeks and months! As long as you are seeing them improve as they develop it sounds like it’s been successful! @simply_me it sounds like you’ve experience a really good recovery! That’s so good to hear! I know the D&F will be the exciting part! I’m looking forward to consultation and excited to progress with with my BA! So far are you happy with the results of your surgery? It’s definitely early day, it must be exciting to know they’re only going to get better as the develop! Would love to hear how you progress over this time!
  5. @Kit @simply_me Thank you so much ladies! You’ve helped me with the start of my BA journey! I think I will book a consultation with Dr Kollias as well to decide which doctor will be the best fit for me. How are you both liking your results? Has your recovery been smooth and as expected?
  6. Hey Ladies I am just starting my journey and just about to booking my first consultation with Dr Lam - Cranford House. I am interested in Dr Cooter as well but have heard he is a lot more expensive. Could I ask if anyone has had their BA done with are Lam? And what the total price inclusions were? Or the same for anyone with has done their BA with Dr Kollias or Dr Cooter? I am trying to work out out when I can expect have to saved for this as I am newly married, with a mortgage, renovating and we are upgrading one of our cars all at the same time! Just want to be realistic with my situation. @margaretriver @MellieMoo @cheetah @Kit Sorry ladies I’m new the the forum and didn’t realize I needed to tag, please see my message above if you have any info that could help me?
  7. Hey your experience is incredibly helpful me decide and know what to expect with breast augmentation. Thanks for sharing! The result of your BA looks amazing! I was was wondering if you could outline all the costs involved for your BA, implants, anesthetist, hospital fees and after care/post op garments? Also which hospital did you have this done at? Im currently deciding between Dr Lam and Dr Cooter both have wonderful reviews and are experienced in BA. I am trying to get a good picture of the total cost for this as I am newly wed, have a mortgage, we are currently renovating and looking to upgrade one of our cars, so my BA might have to take a step back once we have saved enough. Thanks again for sharing your journey!
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