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  1. I would not recommend Dr Andrew Kim. I too had a botched double eyelid surgery with Dr Andrew Kim in 2013 at his Melbourne office. I now Dont have double eyelids when i open my eyes and when they are half closed you can see TWO crease on the left eye and a deep sunken crease with uneven skin on the right eye. Dr kim also did a revision on my right eye which didn’t really help. I want to warn everyone out there that is thinking to go to Dr A.Kim for the double eyelid surgery to PLEASE RECONSIDER! Just because he is korean and has worked there doesn’t mean he is good at the double eyelid surgery. As korea is the capital of double eyelid surgery, I assumed he was experienced at double eyelid surgery and would understand the asian eyes better.I regret it so much that I didn’t do my research on him first. It now takes me twice as long to apply eye make up to cover the flaws Dr Kim has created. I can also only use black eye shadow as the light colours wont cover the botched creases. I too am looking to find a good surgeon to revise my eyes but am worried it will become even worse.
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