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  1. Hi friends I am only 3 days post BA, 280cc under muscle smooth silicone implant. I was flat to start and apparently had very tight chest muscles. I went with one of the highest rated surgeons in Sydney... And so far I'm really nervous he made a mistake. I have never seen folds under ba boobs like mine. My Incisions are a good inch pulled up under my breast. It looks like my breasts are sitting on a straight shelf as there is no curve to them. I already went back worried and was told to give it time... but does anyone have similar experiences to share? He told me this is normal for this stage of swelling etc, but I just can't see how they will round and the incisions seem really high under my breast and look like they are pulling. I have been through thousands of forums and haven't seen anything like this before. I understand my anatomy meant they had to be placed apart, but it's the squareness of the bottom worrying me. Thoughts much appreciated.
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