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  1. Just wanted to see if there has been any progress since these posts and if anyone went ahead with revisions?
  2. Just wanted to follow up and see if anyone has had a successful revision?
  3. Hi fishlips, Can I please ask what was done in the four surgeries? I'm looking to do a third surgery myself to fox what u do not like. What did Parrick Walsh change? Thank you
  4. Another thing to note is that there doesnt seem to be any surgeons in Australia that solely specialise in rhinoplasty revision. I've been reading about Dr. Ion Lucien in the UK and he seems amazing- he appears to really work with each patients concerns (no matter how big or small), whereas from what I've noted, most other surgeons don't really care once you've paid.
  5. Hi everyone, I am wondering if anyone has travelled overseas for their revision? I've read amazing things about Ion Lucien in the UK, Dr. Davis and Tourimi in the US... I'm looking for someone who is a real specialist in rhinoplasty and performs hundreds a year, which infortunately the Aussie surgeons do not... Thank you
  6. Hi noserevi, I did. He is technically good, but dont expect perfection. There are a few things I am unhappy about now, but it is more in regards to my aesthetic preferences rather than something being functionally wrong. Both of my profiles are completely different. The nose takes a long time to heal, so you cannot judge until well after a year and it will shrink over the following years also. What are your key concerns with your nose? At this stage looking for another surgeon who might be able to help with my concerns. I have been in contact since with a couple of other patients and one noted that he can be a bit dismissive after the surgery if it's a minor concern you have....
  7. I would like to know as well. I've just had a revision with a doctor in Melbourne and not liking the aesthetic results at all. I hate to think I will need another surgery.
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