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  1. I've been investigating surgeons that are the best for complex revisions in Australia as I badly need a third surgery. After feedback from actual patients from RealSelf, Facebook etc and looking at qualifications, involvement in training and learning and a key interest in revision rhino, the only surgeon I would consider is Dr. George Marcells. The consultation waiting times are very long, approximately six months. Another surgeon who is younger but has had training under Dr. Frankel in the US is Dr. Choroomi. He also has great feedback and often consults with Dr. Marcells on c
  2. bump. Really interested in hearing others experiences with Dr. Marcells or Dr. Choroomi
  3. Any further feedback? I've booked in to see Marcells (next year) and want to see Nettle also. This will will be my third rhino. I can see Nettle seems to do very nice and natural surgeries, per his website and RealSelf review photos. Marcells noses also look amazing, and somewhat more angular? I wonder if anyone has been to Marcells and got a 'softer' looking nose (i.e. not a very pointed tip)?
  4. Hi Birdy, I'm sorry to hear about all the trouble you are having after two surgeries. If its a deviated septum that is blocking the air flow, then an ENT should be able to assist and form the least invasive plan in rectifying. Do you know if your turbinates were reduced during the surgery? (I would try and get the surgical report to try and understand what was done). I also had a revision with a highly rated Melbourne surgeon, and also appear to still have issues in my left nostril air flow, and now a very runny nose in addition to aesthetic issues (i wonder if we had the same
  5. Hi Ali Sam, From all the research I have done, Dr. Nettle and Dr. Marcells seem to be two of the most raved about revision specialists in Sydney. I believe Dr. Mooney has had some publicity around lawsuits/ accidental deaths during his procedures (might be worth researching). Have a look at their before and afters and see which aesthetic style seems most likely to suit your face. On a positive note, I've been told that Dr. Dixons technique usually avoided removing the septum, so its likely there might be enough for a revision without needing rib grafting. Good luck!
  6. It sounds like Peter left behind a tsunami of destruction behind him. He did my first nose surgery and while I learnt to live with it until I got a revision over a decade later, I always wonder how different everything would have turned out if I had chosen a different doctor to begin with.
  7. Moss is on another planet. What he is charging is in line with internationally recognised rhinoplasty specialists that do hundreds of rhinos a year (impossible to get that experience and volume in Aus). Greensmiths fees are around $15k onwads (at least that was my experience)
  8. Hi Anubisxlll, That is very disheartening to hear. Did you have your surgery locally or overseas? Have you had your nose reviewed by any surgeons or doctors to rule out that there is no infection? It might be worthwhile having a consult with an ENT just to make sure the structure of the nose is not what is causing issues. Swelling wise - depending on skin thickness it can take a while to completely heal. If it's also hard to the touch - I'd be asking your surgeons office for a surgical report to try and understand if it's due to grafting. Don't lose hope - I am sure there
  9. I'm so sorry to hear that you've not received the results you've wanted after so many surgeries. I know it must be extremely emotionally exhausting. Everything I've read online does state that Davis is one of the top revision surgeons in the US. I have considered him for a revision, but with covid, its unlikely to be any time soon. He is the only doctor who personally answered my queries via email after I was distressed about my rhino results (not by him). Did he outline the issues that might have caused the change in shape? Is he going to charge you a whole new surgery fee? If you a
  10. Has anyone had a rhinoplasty or revision rhinoplasty with Philip Michael? I can see he has several ads promoting him and seems to have positive reviews (but I no longer trust online reviews with no photo support to back them up). Would love to hear from some patients of his.
  11. Anyone else have any experience with Dr Walsh? I was wondering if he had experience in adding back to the nose. I would love to avoid rib grafting and seeking a surgeon who could add back volume with finesse.
  12. There are days that I really regret my decision and hate my nose. I wonder if the surgical plan was mixed up with another patient. Hopefully I am just that small percentage of unlucky ones who get an undesirable result. If anyone had had a successful follow up revision with AG, would love to know. At this point my confidence is fairly low, especially reading Fish Lips experience.
  13. Would love to know the outcome as well. I am having the same issue, want a tad less nostril show from the front.
  14. He is a skilled surgeon who has a great reputation among the surgical community. One thing to think about though is that he doesnt purely focus on noses and does a fair bit of body work. I also noted that on the day of my surgery, I was one of at least 4 patients being operated on. (Compare that to someone like Dr. Marcells who I have been told might do just the one (or max two) surgeries on the day, and his fees appear to be pretty close in comparison). My results are acceptable, but probably not worth the cost or the recovery to be honest. I am looking for a revision. If you
  15. I was wondering if he is good at adding back to the nose and making it look natural? Does he do natural noses?
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