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    HateMyNose reacted to Moderator in Poll: Was it worth it   
    sorry to hear that - i hope you are able to find another surgeon who can give you the results you desire
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    HateMyNose got a reaction from Giok in Revision/Less frontal nostril show   
    Would love to know the outcome as well. I am having the same issue, want a tad less nostril show from the front.
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    HateMyNose reacted to mender in Rhinoplasty with Dr George Marcells   
    Hello, I am thinking about him too. I think he has less reviews because a lot of surgeons buy fake reviews to look good on RealSelf. It does seem odd that less respected surgeons would have far more 5-star reviews despite having been in the industry for a shorter time. I believe some of these surgeons may pay/discount their customers to post good reviews or to post their before and after shots online or on social media. This is pure speculation however.
    I did read elsewhere that Marcells isn’t going to try and talk you into getting surgery because he has enough clients to work with. I think that’s a good sign.
    The best thing to do will be to ask to see more before and afters in his office, as Marcells is more private with patient results. Personally, I would be happy to post before and afters in return for a rebate if I was happy with the results but some surgeons focus less on their marketing and more on their surgery skills.
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