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  1. Yes i feel botched. I look terrible. I am going through consultations with other surgeons to see what can be fixed. I've learned that it's expensive and risky that it may look worse and some things can't be fixed.The damage is permanent. I couldn't recommend him
  2. I spent $12,000 on liposuction with him and i feel like he ruined my body! He removed fat too close to the surface leaving it looking like crumpled newspaper. He took fat out in places without my permission, and it looks much worse. I have indents in me and contours that go in and out. It looks awful! It will cost me many thousands of dollars to try and fix and at the risk of making it worse and some things can never be fixed. I wish I had never met him!
  3. I paid nearly $12,000 for liposuction on my thighs, flanks and abdomen and it is an absolute disaster. Every area treated looks like crumpled newspaper. Too much fat or too little fat was removed unevenly, fat was removed too close to my skin, which is irreversible, fat was taken out in the wrong place, fat not removed in agreed areas. Even after 2 revision surgeries, I feel it looks terrible. I was even given the wrong garment. I would give anything to have my old body back.
  4. I very much regret having my liposuction done by Michael Szalay.! I paid nearly $12,000 to have my inner knees, inner thighs, front of thighs, outer thighs, abdomen and flanks treated over 2 procedures, one on Friday, the next on the following Monday. For starters the wrong garment had been ordered. I paid for 2 full length garments and got 1 half length garment - I was not aware of this until after the first procedure when the nurses were dressing me in the garment and trying unsuccessfully to smooth the bulges with compression stockings. This created several restrictions and bulges where it should have been smooth (the body is swollen with fluid after lipo). He told me (while still under the influence of the drugs) to come back on Monday for the correct garments (he was happy to leave me like this for 3 days). On the Saturday morning I rang and said this wasn't good enough, so he sent me to a Chemist to buy another inappropriate garment (I shouldn't have been driving). He later rang and said he'd organised for me to pick up 2 garments from the manufacturer and he would pay for them. I didn't realise at the time that this meant I still had to pay for the garment that was useless to me (they are $300 each). Despite following the aftercare instructions to the letter, over time it became apparent that I was left with very uneven and ugly contours everywhere that was treated. He told me at the time that I should have all 4 sections of my abdomen done (other surgeons call this 1 section) even though I had virtually no fat above my navel (just a small bulge below) because I could end up with a crease between the top and bottom sections. What I ended up with looked like my abdomen was upside down (more fat from just above my pubic line and zero in a disc shape just below my navel). I had 2 big indentations in my flanks and my thighs looked particularly bad - one much worse than the other. My left inner thigh waves in and out, in and out. I have a very large, ugly dip above the knee and indentations on my inner knees as well as other irregularities. Over a long period of time of arguing (Michael insisting that it was a good job) via email and sending pictures (I live 2 hours from the clinic) he finally agreed after seeing me for the second time that it was a bad outcome. He has done 2 revision surgeries since (with small improvement in some places and new irregularities in others) including fat transfer with saved fat. My flanks now have several long indentations instead of two large ones. My abdomen and my left thigh still looks terrible. After 4 surgeries and 18 months I told Michael that I would seek the advice of a 2nd surgeon. Michael said he like to know what the 2nd surgeon said and sent him my records. He told me that it is obvious that Michael had removed too much fat in some places and not enough in others. That some fat had been removed too close to my skin. This is impossible to repair. My only hope is to spend a lot of time and money have many small procedures of lipodissolve, liposuction and live fat transfer (this story is already running into years). This 2nd surgeon also told me that transferring saved fat was dangerous and only live fat transfer should be attempted, and that saved fat should only be stored under very specific conditions. I have asked Michael where and how the fat was stored and he has not answered me. I asked him about the large indentions in the side of my buttocks and he told me this was a result of having an "athletic" body! I have challenged him twice on this and he has not answered. I had hoped with the procedures that I could confidently wear shorts and shorter skirt. I was so much happier with my original body and wish I had never had this done. I recently sent a long email outlining the 2nd surgeons' review and my grievances (I CC'd in the 2nd surgeon for transparency and an opportunity to respond). I stated that it would only be fair for Michael to start negotiating a means of compensation. I had hoped that he would pay for corrective procedures. His response was to answer to none of it and that I should seek legal advice.
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