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  1. Hi there! I would say that most quotes are between 15,000 - 20,000 here in Sydney. I recently went to my consultation with Dr S.Shahidi in early October and can say that he seemed like he wants whats best for you. Doesn't beat around the bush - gets straight to the point. He asked what i didn't like about my nose, why i was thinking of doing a rhinoplasty etc and then he took a few photos and showed me two different options on what the outcome could be like. (Ski-slope or a straight nose). He then took me to sit down with his assistant who then went through the paperwork with me and quoted me a price which ended up being $19,395.00 in total including all the hospital & anesthetic fees. (Yes, this is pricey but worth it). I officially booked in my surgery for early 2020 and i cant wait! I suggest perhaps going to a few consultations before deciding but its up to you and your preference. I also recommend checking out RealSelf.com.au for everyones reviews and how it went (Consultation through to surgery) - that website helped me heaps! Thanks and goodluck!!
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