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  1. hey renee, how exciting for you! few things that i felt were very helpful: first i was told to take Arnica tablets. These tablets dont affect your operation as it is a natural product. It is for temporary relief of bruising, soreness and swelling. I took this straight after my surgery every 4hrs on the day and throughout my trip.. the result was awesome as i had no bruising and limited swelling.. When i had my pre-consultation i took the post op bras that i brought in aus.. the bras i brought were not comfortable so i brought an amazing thailand bra.. the brand was Wacoal i showed Dr p at post he said they were good to wear and comfortable to sleep in... so have a bra ready to leave the hospital and then go buy a bra.. make sure you take someone bra shopping cos it is an effort to get them on and off lol.. also make sure someone is with you expecially when you want to get up off the bed.. as it is difficult to get yourself up l.. anymore questions just ask =)