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    Planning my BA
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    Dr James Gaffield- 27th May 2011
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    169cm, 66kg, Bra size is a hard one.... I have been wearing a 10A, Bra calculator says 14AA ????

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  1. Part II (too long wouldn't let me post!) But I only take a size 10, 12 max if it's a small fit and a friend who has had a BA is the exact ribcage measurement and she wears a 8DD or 10D bra and has been fitted a few times for them and they all come up with that so I'm really confused. I am so excited I bet you can't wait. Looking forward to hearing all about it, gore and all I like to know what I'm in for and the little things you can't do afterwards that you thought you would be able to do. Nappy changes are one that I don't know how I'll go... Anyway happy Easter chat soon