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  1. staying busy and finding some purpose to the day could also helps stabilize their depression and mood disorders as well as physical exercise.
  2. I make sure that I connect with family and friends even through video calls.
  3. I know people who had their surgery re-scheduled because of the situation. If it's not an emergency, I suggest your friend just re-schedule it as well. It's much more important to take care of herself and have a healthy lifestyle.
  4. I don't see how it will affect your surgery. Did you push through with the surgery?
  5. Is it really worth it to have rhinoplasty?
  6. I do yoga regularly, it helps me relax
  7. A sleeve gastrectomy, which is currently the most common form of bariatric surgery. It is performed laparoscopically; this means that the doctor inserts a special camera and tools through incisions in the abdomen in order to perform the surgery on the stomach.
  8. Everyone deserves to be happy, and if that makes you happy, then go ahead and wishing you all the best.
  9. I have a thought of having a lower face lift too. Is anybody can drop Dr Howard's clinic? thanks in advance
  10. Try Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Eye Serum. However, this is a bit expensive. If you want more affordable, you can go for Garnier Anti-wrinkle Cream.
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