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  1. hi there as post says, need recommendations for upper eyelid surgery and/or brow lift in Brisbane. just in the past year I've really seen my eyelids become saggier and decided I want this done! really thankful for any recommendations ...
  2. looking for recommendations for upper eyelid surgery , any recommendations anyone? i can't find anything on here so thought I'd ask. I'd ideally would like to stay in QLD or at least Australia
  3. fat transfer to breast is a great option but look into surgeons in the USA such as dr Edward Bednar . I don't think Australia is nearly as advanced in fat transfer to breast. I'd personally would never get implants. but you can't achieve that fake look with fat transfer, just to keep in mind, if that's what you are after.
  4. hello i can see this post is from last year. if i can recommend, please think outside of the scope of local. liposuction is very very hard to fix. I had lipo here in Australia (thought I did my research), then spent the next year and half of my life researching revision liposuction surgeon and flew to the USA. and it paid off. lipo standards in Australia in my opinion are a bit poor. or maybe lipo in general is just very hard to perform... PM if you want to know anything.
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