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  1. Greetings everyone! I did not see a “introduce yourself” section, so I decided to post one here. I’m a 29 y/o guy. I’m here because I hate every aspect about myself, and I either want to kill myself, or change/alter every aspect of myself, so I’m here to talk about the later option. My appearance rules my everyday life and holds me down. Sometimes I’ll put on nice clothes and get my hair cut stylishly, and I will think it makes me look good, but then someone will take a candid photo or video of me, and when I see it, I instantly want to break down and cry. I can feel my soul shatter and crumble like glass from the shock of looking at myself. I really am a botched, ugly, dysgenic freak like no other. So, enough of the self-pity. I want to talk about surgical routes to altering the way I look. I’m thinking RADICAL in scope here. Potentially multiple forms of facial plastic surgery, including rhinoplasty, chin/jaw augmentation, maybe even cheek augmentation, and hair transplantation. I’ve actually already had a hair transplant 2 years ago, and the result was horrible. I was no better off after having it than before. The surgeon was supposed to be board certified and a top hair transplant doctor, but he was horrible at making a convincing hairline. All he did was reconstruct my front hairline, and completely ignore my temporal region, where I have significant recession and thinning. It just looks like a botched mess now. One part has a strong hairline, the other part is thin and receding. Nobody else I’ve ever seen has hair that looks like this. So thank for nothing Dr. Fisher! If you guys need me to post pictures, let me know the best way to do that and I’ll try to get those up. Thanks.
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