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  1. I did actually get some quotes back from a couple of thai surgeries and they were around 150,000 - 180,000 bht so probably not as cheap as initially expected. Some clinics also said they only do asian rhinoplasty or can only do consultation in person.
  2. I've just started my cosmetic journey and I realise I'm possibly in the minority of nose job candidates being male and in my mid-40s but I've decided that the time is right. I'm in the very early stages of looking at whats involved, reading up on peoples experiences or watching their vlogs to try and understand the whole process and what to be aware of, setting expectations, that type of thing. One of the points on my list is cost and while I love a good bargain I'm also aware that this is my face that I have to live with for the rest of my life and mistakes can mean a lot of regret. This website (https://www.mymeditravel.com/rhinoplasty-procedures-in-thailand) seems to suggest you can get a nose job in thailand for around $US600 - is that realistic? Can prices vary wildly depending on the job itself? Does it include everything such as anesthesia, pre-op & post-op care? What are the downsides of going somewhere like thailand for rhinoplasty? I dont mind traveling (as my username suggests) so happy to go anywhere (i've considered places like lithuania, phillipines or iran - apparently the nose job capital of the world). Having said I'd ideally like an english-speaking surgery. I've added a rough before & after done in photoshop showing an approximate idea of the work i'd like to get done, removing the hump, shaving down the ridge and reducing the tip (sorry if I haven't explained that very well, still learning!). Thanks for reading and appreciate any insights you can offer :)
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