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  1. Has anyone had scarring from this though? And can anyone recommend someone in Melbourne please?
  2. Hi everyone jut wanting to know if anyone has had a mole removed using radiofrequency shave? Namely using the Ellman surgitron? I am looking at Dr Ahmed Omarjee at the doc clinic in Victoria. Does anyone know anything about this cosmetic doctor? He's quite far however I could only find one other place around me at the Me Clinic with Dr Ashley Granot if anyone has had any experiences with him? I can't find any dermatologists or plastic surgeons who use the Ellman device and I have had hypertrophic scars in the past so wouldn't want to go under the scalpel. If anyone knows specialists
  3. Hey everyone I'm thinking about deciding between mandibular advancement surgery or sliding genioplasty for a small chin. I have heard though that genioplasty can roll the bottom lip inward and cause faces to look older and mouths small. It's the main reason I wouldn't do it. I don't want to have a good side profile just to ruin my front. Does anyone know why the lip roll happens and has it happened to any of you? photos would be appreciated just of the lip for anonymity if you like. People say if it is done properly then it won't happen however I need to know more information before
  4. Hey guys, just wanted to ask all the people that have undergone Rhino about their scarring and if anyone had any bad scarring? I have had hypertrophic scars in the past so I am very worried however from everything I read, this area apparently is not very prone to it? I'm also concerned about hyper pigmentation. Most docotors seem to only do open Rhino so it is making it difficult. I have my heart set on Dr Peter Callan, does anyone know if he does both open and closed and if his scars heal well? Lastly would it be accurate that you will get much better results with open es
  5. I actually found out about him after I made this post. Thank god. How about Peter Callan has anyone had surgery with him? I've heard great things. Does he do open and closed?
  6. Hi I am trying to decide on a surgeon and am leaning towards Dr Callan in Geelong, Victoria as I have heard incredible things. I am willing to travel anywhere in the country, I just want to see the best. Has anyone ever had work done with Dr Callan? Before and afters would be greatly appreciated if anyone is willing? Thanks for the help guys
  7. Hi I know it's been a few years since this post but I was also interested in scarless Alar base reduction does anyone know anything about it or had it done?
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