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  1. So exciting! Do you have an idea of what you want? I’ve had 3 babies and breastfed them all and I have barely an A cup now with no upper pole fullness and no tissue up top so I feel you!
  2. Hi! Me!!! I have mine on the 13th. It feels like ages away and I’m soo excited! I’m having 400cc UHP round, under muscle. I just can’t decide on smooth or micro textured. What about you?
  3. Me!! I had my consultation today and booked surgery for the 13th of August! I also have 3 kids, youngest is 4, and breastfed all of them so I have no fullness and don’t even fill a 10A. Im 165cm and 57-58kg. I’m using Dr Kenny who did my friend’s and she’s had amazing results. My BWM is only 10.5 so I’ll be doing ultra high profile, 400cc, round, textured, under the muscle. I’m SO excited!
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