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  1. I know some people as well, i would just ignore them. It is your happines and the most important is you love the result.
  2. I agree yoga is great for relaxing. I do it once a week
  3. I would say that you can manage that alone but still would be better if you had someone with you. I had lipo on my tummy and hips in Prague, but I have a friend who lives there and helped me a lot. I also stayed with her after I left Forme Clinic, so it was very helpful to me. I am sure you would be fine, just need to be careful and do not do any sudden movements. The pain Is manageable with painkillers for a few days. And as you say you will be in the country for 10 days after the surgery you should be fine at that time. Well, I never had c section but what I heard it is quite hard to move af
  4. I tried few times and i liked it
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