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  1. I am in many forums relating to cosmetic surgery and I know that there are many discussions regarding this matter. Personally, I think it is down to personal preference as clinics are open to provide the surgery, it is just as to whether you (or your friend) feel safe enough to continue with the procedure during the pandemic.
  2. Hello Steph, I have had liposuction but I had the procedure in my home country. However, it seems to me that you have made your mind up to travel to another country which is great as you seem confident in doing so, but there is always precautions you need to take. Liposuction itself is a small procedure which does require you to have some down time! This means that I would definitely recommend staying in the country for the time period you have stated before travelling home as within this time frame, you may experience some side effects. I personally experienced pain after the proc
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