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    Hey Em. Over thinking or even obsessing on a decision can do more harm than good. The checklist to get right is: have you  chosen a surgeon you trust who has a good track record/reputation? Have you conveyed your goals clearly to him so he knows what you're after? Have you chosen to get a BA for the right reasons? Do you understand these are for life and not just a 'short term' bit of fun? If you can answer 'yes' to these questions, everything else will fall into place. Ruminating on anything is very unhealthy behavior (I speak from personal experience here!) and only increases anxiety, stress and unhappiness. If I had any advice, it would be stop looking at wish pics, stop trying to 'nail' the final result with online imaging and distract yourself from thinking about this procedure by going out and doing activities you enjoy. 
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    I really need to hear these things. I really do hold the same fears as it seems you did. Thanks so much for the advice and I'm waiting to hear back from my surgeon. I know he will want me to make the choice but asked him whether the difference in implants would alter my cleavage gap! Which is kind of one of my biggest concerns! I have a really nice natural base and only want the implant to enlarge them exactly how they are! Cleavage size to remain the same etc. I'm worried going the smaller implant may ruin my natural base! So that's pretty much what I asked via email yesterday. I'm nervous with what kind of response in going to get because I have a feeling he will say not much difference and leave the choice up to me again  thanks for making me feel a bit better about my feelings! 
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    Hi @Girl1999 It seems like you are thinking in the 300s for your implants. Some ladies are suggesting much bigger and that is great if it is what you want. Maybe check their gallery pics and see if it's the look you want and if it is go for it.
    I had 375cc anatomical (teardrop) dual plane under the muscle. You do lose a little volume but not that much. I tried on 350cc sizers and liked the look, my PS suggested the 375cc to make up for a little lost volume. I started off as an AA and am now measuring a DD at 7 weeks post-op. You can friend request me to see my gallery pics. They are not huge, but they look great and balance out my anatomy nicely.
    Good luck with whichever decision you make  xo
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    It's so hard isn't it. I spent months agonising over sizes and now I'm about to have a revision because I feel too big!! I had a consult with Dr Kollias initially and then went with Dr Cooter. Dr Kollias recommended Moderate profile allergen (equivalent to mentor mod+) and less than 300cc. Dr Cooter recommended 350cc HP because I was narrow (11cm BWD) and the only way to get more volume was to go forward (projection). I can understand the reasoning behind this and most women would be thrilled with my outcome. I can say they look really good naked and they match my goal photos. They're just too big for me and in hindsight I should have asked for something more conservative. If I wear bras with any kind of support, they look very rounded in the upper pole because I'm so thin. When you're thinner and have a narrower ribcage, less cc's go a long way. So unless you really want to be 'the biggest you can go', you don't have to choose HP simply because you're small. In fact, I think sometimes that's a reason NOT to choose it. They can end up looking too round and globular. Like I said, naked they're great. But in bikinis and bras and everyday clothes that lift them.. huge). I find myself downplaying them with sports bras and bralettes. Women who are more muscular or are carrying a little more weight in general may need HP to get that definition in the cleavage that they want. But don't underestimate a lower profile and lower cc's when you're small. I'm tall (5'8) but thin and I can make 350cc look huge. I never wear padded bras or even anything with the slightest contouring because of it. You need to ask yourself if you'd be more disappointed being too small or too big. For me, it's the latter. Everyone will tell you that you'll wish you went bigger but that's not the case for everyone. There are plenty of women on real self who've downsized or even explanted. So I just think it's important you hear from both sides. 
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