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    BA - Still deciding on ccs and smooth/texture.
    Round, crease incision, unders
    Looking at Jan/Feb surgery
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    Dr Mark Ashton
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  1. Depends how tall you are and your body shape. I'm tall, 5'10, 65kg and I went for 390cc the first time around because I was afraid of being too big.... BIG BIG mistake! haha I regretted pretty much straight away and within 2 months went for 505cc and they're just right. Not too big, not too small.
  2. I ended up spending around $15,000 but would not change it for a second. Having a qualified Australian Plastic Surgeon available to see me in case of any complication or issue (which I had) in my opionn is well worth the extra money.
  3. Amelia, I think you should evaluate what you want and see if you can make a career out of it. You mentioned that you're into fashion, make up and all that... but is that something you want to do long term? Unless you open your salon or your be your own boss, the money won't be that good. Do you have any other passions? I applied for a receptionist role for an insurance business but they offered me an assistant broker job and ended up moving up the ladder making a career out of it. Although is not my dream job, I enjoy it and I'm currently on a 6 figure salary... not bad considering I
  4. Oh sorry Donatella, normally I agree with most things you say, but I personally dont like the look of this chick at all! I think she just looks a bit too over the top. I think she should have kept it around 1000cc. Shes nice and brown tho! Haha
  5. I have a very supportive boyfriend but having said that I think that if you're in a serious relationship and love your partner then you need to be considerate of his opinion and feelings. I wouldn't do something or be comfortable getting my boobs done if my boyfriend was against it. However I agree with teegsb, if he's taken two days off to babysit you then he is obviously supportive deep down, maybe try to talk his insecurities over with him.
  6. Hhaha you girls are hilarious... I haven't been very adventurous... but I've had a few. - My in-laws bed... completely wrong - In a golf course - In the back of a van - On the boardroom table of the office... meetings were never the same again...whoops!
  7. It was great catching up with you all today, looking forward to the next one!
  8. Ummm its bloody 16 degrees today!! I'm definitely going to be covered up. Sorry if I turn up looking like a nun but im a wuss and hate the cold! Haha
  9. Oooo Andy how exciting!!! Another Melbournian! I have lived in a few suburbs and any of them are good - cos its Melbourne! Hehe It depends what kind of lifestyle you are into - coffee, beach, etc. But I'm definitely in for your welcome lunch! Yay!
  10. I was a member of Fernwood for a few years. I LOVED IT. To make is easier, I'll list it by pros and cons: Pros: awesome brand new gym, friendly staff, fantastic showers and amenities (think hair straighteners, deodorant, makeup wipes, you name it), free breakfast, heaps of classes, great programs (i did the Foxy Challenge and cant praise it enough!) and just a very positive motivating place to be. Cons: opening hours werent as long as some other gyms, not a lot of free weights (more assisted weights but that suited me and my herniated disc back anyway), can be quite expensive All in
  11. Hahahaha yep. I think to my family its like, if they dont ask or talk about it, it doesn't exist. My dads problem was the money too. My mum was if I could breast feed or not. It was only after my revision that my sis even asked 1 question about them! But none of them have seen them, touched, asked anything about it. I kinda want to show them off but dont want to bring it up. Its like i should be ashamed :/ Hold your head up high and just reassure them you have put a Lot of thought into it (which im sure you have) and that the confidence and results far outweigh the monetary loss. G
  12. Sorry to hear that Samanatha. My family werent exactly very warm or welcoming either. And it was such a tough thing just telling them (mostly cos I knew they wouldn't support it). In the end, they just accepted it as they knew I would do it regardless. Its not really talked about, as if its taboo. But i'm happy with my decision and thats all I care about. I agree with Kiddi - your money and your body
  13. Around 14k-15k total with Dr. Ashton.
  14. Accepted your FR dee envy.
  15. Correct! I had my first BA done in January - 370cc, round, smooth... and they were pretty small! They didn't give me the cleavage or fullness I was looking for. Upgraded to 500s last month and I couldn't be happier. As Nicnac said, us tall girls make the ccs disappear. I wouldn't go for anything under 400.
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