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  1. Hi, I had rhinoplasty done with dr Ndrew greensmith, this cost me over 15k! But it was officially the best 15k I have spent in my life! Infant it's been a year sine I had it done and I would pay double if I had to, totally worth it!
  2. Same experience for me, the difference between approx quote and actual quote was about 3000 for lower abdominal area!
  3. So right jades, suregey is definately my preference! But spend 15k on my Jose earlier this year and just can't justify lipo cost just yet I really don't think it'll work! But am hopeful it might slim down just a tad for a day or two, I expect to use all 6 wraps before I see any difference if there will be any! it's a fun test anyways!
  4. Ok! Day 1, used wrap last night, And put one on this morning, did notice that my belly fat seemed a bit loser! You know how it is when you begin to lose weight and your skin looks less tight and more ' flobby' ! Didn't think much of it, power of the mind and all that, sure I was making it up! Seeing as I have not been organized enough to get a measuring tape not sure, then I put on a pair of jeans! And they fit!! About 3 days ago I put them on to go out for tea and they were uncomfortably tight! Today they fit, with a little bit of room to spare! Will try to get a measuring tape today! So far so good!
  5. Scary! I'm real but when I read posta using language like ' can my OH titty f$&k me' It makes me think ' creep alert'
  6. Hi folks, I have come to the very dissapointing conclusion that I cannot afford lipo for at least a year or two! I remembered a cruise I went on where they offered prohibitively expensive weight loss wraps, then fell over ( not literally ) lipo wraps on eBay ! I know, if theses work it'll only be short term, hoping for a day or two! But thought it would be awesome to shrink the gut a bit before a special occasion! So for the sake of being helpful, I thought I'd o a review on here! I know I love the reviews left by others.. I have 6 wraps and will see if they work on any level! I expect to use all 6 for any kind f result. Sooooo! Day 1 . Realised I should have measured myself, duh! Put on the wrap, going to do them overnight, wrapped around my lower stomach, easy to put on, sitting here with a weird cold yet burning feeling! It feels nice, I'm hopeful it works! BTW 6 wraps for $100.00 hoping I'm not completely crazy! Oh well if it works a bit awesome, if not, well at least I know.
  7. Thanks everyone! I received a shiny award for ' excellence in protecting children' I'm very excited, it is great to be recognized, many workers are not! As for my date! Went well, probably a little too well, ended up sleeping over, I was not going to do it, but it's been over 12 months!! So I thought screw it. I rationalized it because we used to see eachother about 15 years ago when we were teenagers, so I convinced myself it was not a first date. He has been calling, texting and face booking since and desperately trying to pin me down for another....errrrm...'date'. Iwill of course, but on my terms. I am now at the stage of my life, where i Ended a 10 year relationship, not because it was bad, it just wasn't good enough, so the next lad that wins my heart needs to work bloody hard to sweep me off my feet! No games, i hate games, but that's just how I feel! so will not be running around to impress some guy, he needs to work his butt off! Any ways thanks for your good wishes!
  8. Hi ladies, I have an awesome day tomorrow, i have been nominated for an award through work, its a really big deal these awards, in fact this will be my second one in four years which is such an huge honor AND i have a first date Monday night, with an old flame. He was a boy I had a fling with when I was a teenager. Since my rhynoplasty I have really enjoyed looking after myself, I get regular facials, hair done and even had my eyebrows tinted the other day. It's amazing how great I feel about myself and now that I'm looking after myself I just seem to look better and better ( no room for modesty here and I am not going to even try), I looked in the mirror the other day and was so happy at the person staring back at me. My relationship of over 10 years ended about a year ago and at his is my first date since then. I've facbook stalked him and he's cute as ever, I am so confident in myself now, I'm just excited. I even caught myself thinking ' I hope this works out, I deserve it', I never used to think I was worth much! Anyway wish me luck,
  9. Sammisam, I wonder if you could send the surgeon before and after pictures and a letter about how you have been treated by his staff, maybe talk about how it is his reputation that is being damaged here and ask him directly to contact you to talk about what you have been through? Then at least you will know he has been given the full story? Mark it as confidential so the staff do not open it! Beyond that, I'm so sorry to hear your experience was so bad, I hope you get some resolution.
  10. You poor bugger! Maybe give your surgeon a call and tell him you want to stay in longer, do you have private health? I stayed overnight after my rhynoplasty when. Was a day procedure ( no comparison I know!!) but I was happy for the influx of drip antibiotics all night. This is a huge deal, not just physically but a huge emotional journey too! Yu are paying a FORTUNE. My advise would be, make sure you have the experience you want to have, be looked after. Tell your surgeon what you want! Hope all is well and I'm sure you will be surprised as to hiw well your recovery goes. Best if luck
  11. Another exciting update!! I'm now 6 months post opp! Wow how does the time fly! Yesterday I went shopping for sunnies, I have never worn them and loathed how I looked in them because of my nose, first pair I picked up and tried I loved, I look great in sunnies! Another amazing moment where I am so thankful for my nose job. My boss has also noticed my increased confidence at work and I am advancing rapidly in my career. It's amazing how feeling good about yourself changes so much! Oh and, despite some hiccups, eating disorder is under control for the fist time!
  12. Hi, sorry to hear you are avignon a tough time, I've had rhynoplasty recently and found the experience to be an emotional one, I am in my mide 30's and have sorted a lot of my deamons and I'm glad I didn't get work done before. Whatever you choose to do, best of luck and do it for YOU!
  13. Second vote for greensmith, he has done an amazing job for me and changed my life!
  14. I would love to hear about your experience. Are you getting upper and lower abdomen? General or local? Can't wait to hear about your experience
  15. I agree, not what I was expecting at all, you are a good looking lad! I don't see anything wrong there
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