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  1. I had Mine done by him in 2013 and have fantastic results. I just did a search to see how he and Bangkok makeovers are doing now four years on and am saddened to hear that the reviews aren't as great as they once were. Yes after-care is zero, but I found them great when I was in Thailand. He is (was) very good at what he does so maybe age is getting to him. I still love mine although am ready for bigger now, but will wait a few years yet. I can only imagine how hard this has been and hope you were able to get some compensation and a redo in aus. I have seen one other result like this from the same surgeon, at the time I was there in 2013 but the problem was not following the after care instructions. (the strap) and I wonder when they started offering other placement methods. They used to only do crease incision. Again I hope now a few years on this has been resolved.
  2. Looking for recommendations for injectors in the Gold Coast. Looked at all about face but am unsure and turned off by some reviews.. Haven't had them done before still deciding so I really want to see someone who is very experienced and can talk me through the consult and the desired out come. Can travel to Brisbane. In the Northern nsw area so even Coffs harbour is doable. Just wanting to find someone really reputable. Thanks!
  3. thanks Hun just checked your pics and I must say you should/ must be very happy with your results soooo jealous haven't had anything done yet. Just doing a lot of research atm p.s. tried to private message you but your inbox is full :p

  4. Hi sent you a friend request. Having round mentor moderate profile plus on 2nd July. Still haven't decided on cc! Thinking 300 now.

  5. I don't think ive ever heard of them taking a booking and not letting you get surgery, if you are unfit for surgery ie: sick then that is expected, anywhere, with any doctor. rachel is great and they are upfront when they can't help you as far as how your Boobs are when you send photos, they let you know what they think you will need ie: lift or just ba and then you go from there, I didn't have send a full medical, just bbasic questions like are you diabetic or have any medical issues- which is standard practice to ask prior to surgery. Tjey are honest and I wouldn't hesitate to book with them.
  6. I went with bm 8 months ago- i think going in your own you have a better time , I went with mum and we didn't get as many visits as the others, we hung out with another couple who were lovely, you'll be fine they really do check on you lots and help out
  7. OMG I watched every episode and I wanted Rochelle to win the whole way thru, poor thing she was right to feel he should have been more honest with how he felt wanting Anna but that's the show- if he made it clear there wouldn't be any point watching lol. It is cruel tho!! I couldn't do it haha
  8. Hello sukii! You're back! Hahha it's crazy having a little break and then coming back like whoa all these new people!! Ever changing. And to introduce myself to the new members: georgia 24 years old, had my boobs done 9 months ago in Thailand by dr preeyaphas. 350cc mod plus mentor round silicone loving my new 10es mummy of one little miss, breastfed (hence the new boobs!) Love being active and lifting, staying fit and healthy is important to me... Feel free to fr
  9. You're 10cm taller than me but similar weight, I have rounds too it's aamazing how natural they can look I've got a good slope still lol, I have partial under / dual plane and it's not completely under more the top 1/3 is under the muscle the rest is only covered by breast tissue and i really like the look, they blend in nicely not that hello bolt on look that you can sometimes (very rarely) get lol you can make them slightly smaller but it's the smallest amount u lose its not like a whole cup size or anything
  10. Welcome!! Your on the right site to do all your question asking and research 345 is a good size in my opinion, not too small not too big, it all depends on your stats body size wise but that's a good suggestion from ur surgeon, did you try the sizers on? It gives you a good idea of what they will look like on your body, a good idea is to make up the rice sizers with stockings and rice, YouTube how to make them it's alot of fun, you can make massive ones and see what they're like!! Ahahaha. I have 350cc in the moderate plus profile and am a 10dd- 10e.. But am short and thin also
  11. Helloooo :) how did ur surgery go!!? I haven't been on in ages so have missed all the goss..... Hope all is well xxxxxx

  12. Funny now I see my hubby when we are out and there's girls (I say girls because they're like 18 and hardly wearing anything) with obviously natural boobs and he's like "omg look you can see her side boob hehe" and I am literally like eeew- it's so- flat and saggy ahahaha oh yeah- that's what natural boobs look like without a bra. So happy I have nice full round side boob. My man loves the look of mine and said he can feel the difference- firmer obviously but I know which I would prefer!! Fakies all the way.
  13. I'm also a young mum, but I wasn't really worried about the fake look- at times I wish they looked faker! They're easily hidden in a tshirt you wouldn't even know, I don't wear skimpy singlets to preschool drop off or pick up and they wouldn't even know I have had them done. Go for the look you want not what you think others will like. The bigger the better 😜
  14. Haha cleavability. Love it. I'm 8 months post op now and they are super soft and move heaps- a good push up bra (like my display pic) is amazing hahaha
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